Unique Skin Care

All of our Skin Care Products are Unique because they are formulated to heal, maintain and beautify skins for Chronic Diseases and Skin Conditions without synthetic ingredients and synthetic bases like petroleum and animal by-products, color, toxins and fractured processing and preservatives.

What do we mean by Unique Organic products? They are products we have developed that have more wonderful results and aid in healing, soothing, repairing and building back the comfort of beautiful skin. They have superseded their power for many many issues then expected. 

This makes them Extraordinary!

This Collection has proved itself over and over and that is why we added a special place here to learn about then and find if they can match exactly what your looking for.

#1 is Post Perfection, an organic balm originally formulated for  after CO@ laser used in Medical Spas. It cuts the healing time by days and is not a coating agent or full of fillers. It works to relieve the skin of inflammation comfortably and build back healthy tissue from being revealed and exposed prematurely by the laser treatment.  

What we found in practice with the most troubling skin conditions is that Post Perfection is excellent for Bed Sores, Urine Burns, Rashes, Eczema, Chronic Sensitivity, Minor Burns and Irritations and Chronic dry and Sensitive Skins.

How to use: Daily gentle cleansing and application as often as needed but not less then 2-3 time daily. The goal is morning and night after condition is controlled and skin is healed.

#2 is Vital Resilience roll-on anti-inflammation serum was made for the most chronic sensitive skins like Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, and Adult Acne. It is made with Rooibos known for it's powerful ant-inflammatory properties. Our formula is made into a tincture which also has powerful purification properties and with a base of organic glycerine it balances the hydration and does not cause flaking.  What we found from our client that it is excellent for stopping and healing very quickly pimples

#3 is Emerald Cleanser Enzyme Facial Cleanser. it was developed to be more gentle exfoliating cleanser then any AHA cleanser and yet deeply cleanse away debris and dead skin cells leaving the skin not just cleaner but purified and addressing the needs of the most sensitive skins, as well.  It does all that with the addition of controlling the balance and purification of skin for Young and Adult Acne extremely well without drying or irritating the skin.

#4 is Emerald Cucumber Lime Toner / Hydrosol it was deemed for the Emerald collection because it is a true anti-aging and versatile hydrosol for toning, and refreshing and adding perfect hydration. What we found is it not just does all this but it conditions the skin and aids in repairing uncomfortable skin conditions of all types. Perfect for mask wearing, winter skin stress, after exfoliating hydration and purification, make up pallet refreshing and an absolute for all anti-aging collections where balance and skin revival is needed. Benefit is that it is also water soluble and can be layered under any mask, cream or serum. 


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