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Skin Under Cover care!

New Fashion Mask Skin Care

Lets Talk Masks First:

We recommend having several masks and follow the linked advice, just below

Mask Care by John Hopkins Medicine Link

Now lets talk Skin"s Newest Environment Care

Spring is the new season and with it brings pouring rain and warmth and then cold and dry next. Wearing a Protective Virus mask, brings an additional environmental change the skin will react to, because it can make the skin more sluggish. 
We recommend for after mask wearing a mask to immediately spray your face with any of our Hydrosol Toners to refresh the skin's surface and kill bacteria and viruses.
Our Toners come from an Organic Farm in the State of Washington and they are precious plant distillates that heal in so many ways. Each of them have astringent  and antiseptic properties; but also has, it's own special power.

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Purity / Calendula  Therapeutic properties: skin disorders, rashes, hot spots, epidermal healing, sunburn, and acne. It is anti-inflammatory, and balancing

Complete Balance / Lavender excellent for stress, general blemish control, anti-aging.  Plus an powerful coolant for minor burns, rashes, and hot sores.

Perfect Comfort / Rose Geranium: exceptional toner for hydration; It is softening and soothing, while it purifies with anti-aging properties

Golden Nourishment / Lemon Balm beneficial for herpes, cold sores, eczema, and skin irritations. It's  anti-aging properties stimulate cellular activity and heal abrasive stress, while strengthening the skins ability to heal and repair.

Purely Bare / Chamomile calms, soothes and hydrates. it is anti-inflammation and aids in controlling sensitivity and chronic irritation. Excellent for redness, flakiness, & stinging, burning, persistent redness, medically diagnosed Rosacea and Psoriasis

Emerald Organic / Cucumber Lime has the acidic ability to kill impurities while it aids the skin by leaving needed nutrients and energy

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Spring Mists

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Now lets talk about Skin's Spring Target

Here is what Skins are experiencing and what to buy this Spring
All skins are wanting to feel cleaner from the build up under the dry bumpy skin surface that is awakening to congestion and a grey surface texture and now a cover with a mask. We recommend :

  Emerald Organic is Amazing!

 Emerald gives you 4 different actions that skin will respond to beautifully.
  1.  Emerald Cleanser exfoliates with an Organic Enzyme every time you cleanse. (Plus if you want more stimulation you can mix Purity Nourishment Smoother with Emerald Cleanser and massage to revve cellular rebuilding).
  2. Emerald Hydrosol Toner of Cucumber and Lime breaks down and releases any traces of oil to feeding with trace minerals and it's humectant qualities.
  3. Emerald AHA Serum loosens tough inter-cellular cement after exfoliating to continue the release of debris buildup.
  4. Emerald Serum is a nourishing serum that puts back missing nutrients encouraging the skin to refresh and balance.

Emerald Organic is great for inter-mixing with any of our other collections. We like that it tunes up the skin between skin reactions to environments, weather and hormone time. All skins improve with Emerald organic because it has simple active products and it replenishes ski back to balance.

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