Winter Body Care Collection Special

Winter Body Care Collection Special

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Amrit Organic Winter Care Collection was designed and is used by our Owner and formulator. She has eczema and flares are chronic in the winter. Along with these oils for bathing, moisturizing and showing off her beautiful skin, she uses Post Perfection.

Amrit Organic Winter Care Collection includes 3 bottles each 2oz.:

1. Spirit Within's Citrus Body Oil to bring peace of mind and happiness while refreshing and clarifying the mind and body congestion. Benefits Include: Brightening the skin, lightening the breath and cleansing the senses. The skin adapts to opening for self healing from citrus nutrients of VC, and toning and elastin strengthening.

2. Relaxation Botanical Body Oil to deeply relax senses and the effects of stress including muscle tightness, minor pain, stiffness, pressure and the general feeling for the need to unwind and relax.  This formula has more wonderful benefits including  purification and strengthening skin while it calms the body for deep release and sleep.

3. Rose Geranium Botanical Blossom Body Oil to super charge ant-aging while deep hydrating the skin and flowing a sense of beauty and contentment. This beautiful blossom extract’s aroma whispers beauty. It has wonderful properties of aggressive cellular activation, balance & strength, plus deep hydration. Use daily to look & feel beautiful. This oil hydrates with natural Anti-Aging properties of rejuvenation and revitalization. Romance too!

Choose This Collection for:Dry Skin, Eliminating Winter Stress and Fatigue. Excellent for eczema, very dry skin, aids in maintaining hydrated and soft skin to inhibit keratosis pilaris and combination skin that is more dry in the winter and dry environments.