Lips and Lashes Sensitive Kit

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No matter, which Season we are in, you can have it all with this Special Buy for Lips and Eyes!

The tender tissue around your lips and eyes are the first to show neglect, stress and dryness. Sp avoid the look of age no matter what the Age is with loving your skin with care.

This Special includes:

  • The First and most sought after Completely Organic My Micellar Make-Up Remover for the Sensitive and the most oily of skins and summer comfort cool!
  • Newly launched Lip and Lash for those that wear strong holding and water proof Facial Makeup and Mascaras 
  • One of our top must haves, Beautiful Lips with purifying and anti-aging ingredients
  • Top selling comfort and strengthening eye tissue oil Beautiful Eyes

All available in easy to use Glass Bottles for Purity and longevity of organic ingredients. You will fall in love with the Roll-ons, we carry and have them in office, workout, makeup, and travel bags. Plus at home.

We think of everything a girl needs.