Best Friends & Fanily Gift

Best Friends & Fanily Gift

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These Mist Hydrosols have an abundance of health and beauty properties.

This Gift set includes: 1 full 2 ounce size mist, 1counter or work 1 ounce size and 1 travel pocket and purse size and they are all refillable.

We have added a Holiday Only Gift of Jo Jewel Lip Balm.

This beautiful gift comes in 3 different mist collections:

Purity Nourishment:  Well-known for its therapeutic properties; our Calendula Hydrosol has an infinite amount of possible uses! Beneficial:  skin disorders, rashes, hot-spots, epidermal healing, scratches, abrasions, sunburn, scars, & an all around skin tonic. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, & astringent properties. It is refreshing, soothing, sweet, & mildly floral. This hydrosol is a perfect facial toner, & may be included in your skincare & herbal formulations, added to bathwater, or used within a compress for aches & sprains.

Perfect Comfort: an Exceptional toner for dry sensitive skins; this Pure Rose Geranium Hydrosol aroma is romantic & soothing. It is softening & super hydrating & makes a practical & suitable body splash, anti-anxiety spray, deodorant, room freshener, & for one of those days when we feel sensual. This is an aphrodisiac with embedded roots dating back thousands of years.

Purely Bare: is ultra-comforting & works to calm, sooth, & hydrate, while refreshing your skin. You will see a dramatic difference as its therapy-infused Chamomile hydrosol properties calm & hydrate without aggravating hyper-sensitive skins & chronic dryness. This amazing soothing hydrosol is for sensitive & chronic irritated skin types, those with redness, flakiness, & stinging, burning, persistent redness, medically diagnosed Rosacea & Psoriasis or anyone wanting the benefits of Chamomile.

Learn about Hydrosols :

Hydrosol - the life force of the plant in its liquid form

Raw Skin Organic Hydrosol Toners are the unique difference between toning & the true healing & balancing purpose. Hydrosols are first indigenous medicine & prevalent in the 20th century in medical use & its resurgence is back in medical & wellness practices with more health conclusive data in the 21st century.

Hydrosols balance & act as a toner with no harsh ingredients (healthy for the skin). Traditional  toners still contain harsh drying alcohols (SD 10-40) striping the skin & cause further dehydration leading to stinging & burning or causing the skin to overproduce too much oil to make up for water loss.

Hydrosol toners help hydrate the skin & make it more receptive to what you are going to apply after. The hydration you receive can also help to calm irritated facial skin.

Hydrosols are created several organic ways: through duo co- distillation processes & in a straight controlled distillation. Depending on which plant it comes from, they have different characteristics & benefits but all are extremely comfortable & hydrating to the skin.

These are the Finest Organic Farm Raised Botanicals in the USA, (Washington State) and we are proud to offer them.