Best Spring & Summer Balm Trio

Best Spring & Summer Balm Trio

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Raspberry Grapefruit, Exotic C and Mints all tickle our senses, but more then that they are our most delightful Sun Shiner's aromas.

They remind of the kiss of summer so much they move us to cruse in dreams or the island, especially during the winter.

Raspberry Grapefruit is femininity: aiding to Balance Feminine Life, Calm Anxiety and Mood Changes and Strengthens while softening and purifying.

Exotic C is very anti-aging, brightening the mood and skin tone. Known for its toning and rejuvenation.

Mints is full of JOY and lightens the Spirit. Its is super charged with cleansing, stimulating skin repair and texture.

Give yourself or for a Gift of truly beauty for Hands and Feet and Body.

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