Essentially Beautiful Trio

Essentially Beautiful Trio

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Essentially, always perfect and young with Eye and Lip care.

Lip and Lash Tender Tissue Make-up Remover

Maintain lines away with Tender Tissue Make-up Remover & Repair Care. This make-up remover whisks away hard to manage products that leave a stain and damage, plus dry out tender tissue including:

  • Stubborn Water Proof and Resistant Mascaras that leave the Lashes stiff, dry and even broken.
  • Ever lasting Lipsticks that dry out delicate lips from harsh ingredients including fragrance and dyes that smudge and stain leaving the lips more prone to flakiness and bacteria.

Beautiful Lips and Eyes

Two Treatment Essentials to hydrate and heal that you can not live with out and can use all the time during every season to repair and bring lips back from flacks, sores and super dry elements.

Beautiful Eyes begins with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil to soothe and fortify the skin with anti-wrinkle properties and Organic Argan Oil  for fighting wrinkles. With the addition of Blue Chamomile this conditioning eye Treatment Firms and Lessen dryness leaving the Tender Tissue around the skin revived and soft.

(Excellent before and after Botox)

Beautiful Lips immediately relieves irritation, heals and rebuilds lip tissue from Organic Golden Jojoba and Argan Oils, but adds Lavender for its super anti-stress, purifying and healing properties. 

 (Excellent before and after Lip injections)