Tender Tissue Collection 3 pcs.

Tender Tissue Collection 3 pcs.

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Three Tender Tissue Skin and Lash Care products including: Lip and Lash Tender Tissue Make-up Remover, Beautiful Eyes and Beautiful Lips

Tender Tissue Make-up Remover softens and melts hard to remove make up easily, including:

  • Stubborn Damaging Water Proof and Resistant Mascaras

  • Ever lasting Lipsticks that dry out delicate lips

  • Protects and repairs skin again fine line

  • Conditions lashes from breakage and dryness

  • Eliminates flakiness of Tender Lip area

It can be used as a nightly moisturizing serum for lashes by applying a drop in on q-tip and whisk over lashes.

Beautiful Lips and Eyes Duo

Two Treatment Essentials  that can use all the time, during every season to repair and protect lips from from flakes, sores and dryness.

Beautiful Eyes Begins with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil to soothe and fortifies with anti-wrinkle properties and Organic Virgin Argan Oil for its anti-aging wrinkle fighting properties. With the addition of Natural Blue Chamomile  it firms and lessen dryness leaving the the skin irritant free, revived and soft. (Excellent before and after Botox)

Beautiful Lips Immediately relieves irritation, heals skin, fights aging , builds strength against lines and wrinkles and rebuilds lip tissue from Organic Golden Jojoba and Organic Virgin Argan Oils, but adds Organic French Lavender for its anti-stress and bacterial properties, it's purifying and healing properties and its conditioning to leaving the lips soft and pain free. (Excellent before and after Lip injections)