Fabulous Four for Anti Aging

Fabulous Four for Anti Aging

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Germaine, Lavender, Exotic C and Mints cover all your moods from Sensual Beauty to Dancing all Night. These four give you the beauty of choice and wellness form special occasions to comforting and purposeful daily care with beauty and aroma.

Germaine's aroma is beauty but its power if healing, purifying, strengthening with Feminine Power

Lavender's aroma is delicious but its power is cleansing, deep healing, anti redness, and strengthening with Magical Powers of rebirth and awakening

Exotic C's aroma is Tropical but it's power is purifying, cellular stimulation and super anti-aging with Delightful Powers of Refreshment and Brightening

Mints aroma is full of JOY and lightens the Spirit. Its is super charged with cleansing, stimulating skin repair and texture with Energizing Powers to inspire

Give yourself or for a Gift of truly beauty for Hands and Feet and Body.

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