Mask Aid - Special Purchase

Mask Aid - Special Purchase

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Mask Aid is available in two Collections:

  • Mask Aid Purity with Purity Nourishment toner for skin that become out of control with pimples and inflammation
  • Mask Aid Balance with Complete Balance toner for skin that becomes congested and breakout  plus oilier.

Mask Aid is for purification and blemish-acne control: after Cleansing and Toning and during the day to keep congestion, breakouts and acne away. The simplest addition to daily skin Care to keep skin balanced, refreshed, and clean from bacteria building factors under a mask.

Mask Aid's Special Purchase includes: the Toner of your choice 2oz., My Mycellar Sensitive Cleansing Wash 4oz. and both of your collections Daily Breakout Products in refillable travel sizes. 

The Travel size Values are $10.00 each and have over 120 spray actions. Perfect for work and pocket additions to your cosmetic bag.



Actions, Benefit and Aid based on your skin's reaction to wearing a mask:

Mask Aid Purity-Purity Nourishment Toner (Calendula Hydrosol) 2oz.

Calendula is well-known for its therapeutic properties; it has an infinite amount of possible uses! Benefits for skin disorders, rashes, hot spots, epidermal healing, scratches, abrasions, sunburn, scars, and a skin tonic. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and astringent properties. It is refreshing, soothing, sweet, and mildly floral. This Plant Hydrosol is  the perfect facial toner for troubled skin.

Mask Aid Balance-Complete Balance Toner (Lavender Hydrosol) 2oz.

Lavender is one of the more relaxing and balancing hydrosols from our collections of hydrosols. It is ideal for oily and combination skin. it is an excellent coolant for minor burns, rashes, and hot sores. Lavender has the power to cleanse and aid in stopping inflammation with both antiseptic and astringent properties. It is mentally refreshing and marvelous on the emotions! This Plant Hydrosol is excellent for all skins in stress, general blemish control, anti-aging, sensitivity, irritations and healing.


My Mycellar for Sensitive Skins 4oz.

Even though this organic Micellar water is made to remove Water Resistant Make up and daily debris without oil it naturally kills bacteria with Organic Witch Hazel and calms with Chamomile and Aloe Vera. In addition it has a toning and firming action making it a great boost to daily anti-aging.

Mask Aid's Daily Use :

Using Both During the work schedule and all day.

  • Use My Micellar to cleanse during the work hours, when your skin needs more then a quick bacterial kill and refresher (Spray on or apply on with cotton and tissue off). After cleansing simply spray with Purity Nourishment the Mask Aid Toner of your choice toner.  (your can cleanse when ever your skin feels grimy and oily)
  • Use Purity or Complete Toner alone for a refreshing and purifying mist when removing mask to refresh  and relax between breaks and when needed.

Ingredients Find these products full ingredient listings under each product's page.

They are available singly for purchase.

Purity Nourishment Toner

Complete Balance Toner

My Micellar Sensitive

My Micellar Anti-Aging