Perfect Duo Organic Makeup Removers for Sensitive Skin

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Easy to have it both ways.

This Combo includes (one) My Micellar Organic Complexion Water for Sensitive Skin 4oz. for Oil-free Makeup Removing and (one) Organic Lash Conditioning and Makeup Remover 2oz. for removing Stubborn and Water Proof Makeup and Mascara.

The Way Make Up Removing Works

We know one product can not do it all. Water proof is exactly what it means and natural and organic ingredients that are water soluble, can not penetrate the impenetrable = Water proof. Yet we all like that some Makeup Products are water proof for the right reasons like Engagements, Weddings and where ever tears may come. 

We know oil breaks down oil and healthy oil will remove Water Proof Makeup Products without irritating and drying fragile skin. You don't need to use petroleum based Makeup Removers and that is why we formulated Our Organic Lash Conditioner and Makeup Remover.

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