Rasberry Grapefruit 4 oz. Organic Moisture Balm for Body, Hands & Feet

Rasberry Grapefruit 4 oz. Organic Moisture Balm for Body, Hands & Feet

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Raspberry Grapefruit 4oz. Moisture Balm Supports Healing and the Rebuilding of Resilient Strength…super rejuvenating and refreshing leaving the skin and nail perfectly beautiful and healthy; Feminine Strength!

This Organic Moisture Balm is loaded with balancing properties from both Raspberries and Pink Grapefruit along with all the benefits of Coconut and Palm Fruit

Beauty, Benefits and Results

Calming, healing, hydrating with an aroma of delight. It will soften, replenish skin and Promotes Healthy Cuticles and Stronger Nails.

  • Raspberry have long been attributed to their antioxidant and anti-inflammation
  • Pink Grapefruit know for its lycopene property which aids in inflammation and balancing properties
  • Palm Butter is known for its vitamins and minerals and luxury silkiness leaves the skin bright and soft to the look and touch
  • Coconut Butter is known for deep anti-inflammation and hydrating properties that leave the skin comfortably refreshed with moisture.

How to Use

This balm is for the entire Body for healthy moist skin all season and perfect to maintain manicures and pedicures keeping the cuticles and nails beautiful and skin soft.

Full ingredients:

Organic Palm Fruit Oil (Palm Fruit Stearin C52), Organic Raw Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera),  Natural Raspberry Grapefruit (Raspberry Grapefruit AN), Organic Pink Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)

We know fine body conditioning because Our Balms are used in the finest salons and spas for Professional Spa hand, foot and body treatments.