A Winter Rose Balm   New 2019 Winter

A Winter Rose Balm New 2019 Winter

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Reviving Beauty Collection

The Winter Rose never wilts before it’s time. It beams with beauty, rich color, strength and longevity, while it silences noise by warming and calming the heart from stress.

Rose has a bountiful of benefits and they all resound to beautifying. The driest skins respond with beautiful new color and texture. Its revered sisters are Jasmine and Gardenia. Their essences are Mind - Body - Spirit.

Winter Rose Organic Ingredients
  • Geranium Rose, known for its super charged anti-aging properties including: aiding in stimulating cellular turnover, deeply anti-dryness by creating calming hydration and moves the heart to wellness
  • Lavender, known for deep purification and strengthening against bacteria and dryness, but brings balance. Lavender refreshes the senses and adds a calming under note
  • Bergamot, known for aiding in hormonal balance, sweetening to lower anxiety and stress. Its distinctive aroma is loved by many and adds a citrus middle note to balance both the Geranium and lavender letting the Rose take the top 
  • Organic Palm Fruit Oil (Palm Fruit Stearin C52), Organic Raw Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera),


  • How to Use
  • This balm is for the entire Body, for healthy moist skin during all seasons and perfect to maintain manicures and pedicures, keeping the cuticles and nails beautiful and skin soft.


    Romance, beauty and sensual. WE like organics that way!