Acne Young or Adult are Trigger Inflamin-ators, Get Control!

No one needs to suffer from bad skin, acne conditions or sever facial inflammation today. But there are so many misconceptions, iffy advise and little information on the fragile facts that relate to many of us. So where to start?

First there is full blown acne and today Dermatology Discoveries have negated the old dry-out and kill-out the triggers approach. So, how do you know if you have a grade of acne? Many ways.

Here are some True Acne Characteristics:

  • Pimples that can and do become Cystic.
  • Flare up with Bad Diet like: Pizza, Pop, Marinated and Processed Aged Foods
  • Lots of Plugs from sebum
  • Clustered Pimples, White-Heads and small Cysts on Cheeks, Nose, Forehead and Chin, Back and Shoulders.
  • Skin that is finicky about products, they work and then don't.

Most important part of all these visual conditions can be played down by taking control by becoming disciplined for life to keeping the Skin Beautiful and it starts with:


Next, before a dermatologist, go the most popular and effective way, to a Day or Medical Spa for a Deep Cleansing and Detox Facial, NOT AN ACNE FACIAL.

Ask to start with a basic investigating analysis. Depending on what the reviewed results are, they will most likely introduce you to products and treatments. But don't jump in too fast, as it can become costly against where your money is best spent. Start with a small home detoxification collection and discuss any and all treatments thoroughly.

Please remember Purging we call it, not breaking out, after a facial can and will happen, its part of the detoxification process. The benefits out way this purge, if you maintain control with gentle Home care! In fact a Facial treatment monthly can really be a great friend to your skin.

But lets review, Detoxification.

Detoxification begins the anti-inflammatory process of de-flaming the immediate condition of the skin. That is why, we suggest our Purely Bare Collection. It targets inflamed skins slowly. Acne and inflamed skin need gradual and repetitive treatment to slow it down, not aggravate, especially with Acne salves, ointments and topical products that dry, burn and sensitize areas around the inflammation. Its practical sense. Once it calms down and seems under control, you can opt to add a more direct bacterial cleansing regime, like our "Purity Nourishment Collection" or add a target product to alternate like Vitals Resilience.

Now the Dermatologist diagnosis:

Don't be afraid to get a diagnosis, it will be worth your time and this would be for Sever Acne.  If you decide to go to a Dermatologist, research the Doctor by AMA reviews, Hospitals or clinics they are connected with, from your local clinics and then friends, family and community. But take the attitude of interviewing the Nurse at the Dermatologists office too. The more you know about the doctor you better the diagnosis.