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Autumn Make Up Trend - Water Free Cleanser

My Micellar Water-Free Facial Cleansing

Fall Body Beauty is Crucial with Coler WEather on the Horizon


Spirit Within Body Nutrient Oil

This Citrus Body Blend brightens and replenishes dry skin, lightening the scenes and cleansing with a delectable aroma. Skin immediately adapts to self heal, toning up from VC and the elastin strengthening.. A wonderful Winter conditioning.

Autumn Body Oils


Emerald Organic Luxury Body OIl

Favorite of Salon Echo Chicago, Madrid Spa NYC, and Agar Spa LA.. Emerald Organic Gleams with the balanced amounts of natural nutrient anti-aging plant oils that condition even the most nutrient needing skin with an aroma that is a jewel to the senses.

Every Woman deserves an Emerald Body


Kameria Young Blend

Our Newest Body Oil offers the highest level of natural Ant- Aging Benefits over all the rest. Excellent for the most oily skin because of its fast penetration and instant comfort. It is the secret of Southern Asia's flawless and classic beauties.

Winter's Precious Kameria Body Oil

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