Get to know us?

Well, did you know that we're so much more than our awesome organic products. We're a dedicated team of beautiful and brilliant women of different ages who want the world to be healthy, beautiful, and confident while maintaining a very green company.

Our team is made up of Creative Thinkers, Green Belivers, Fine Artists, Spa Owners & Professionals and an Organic Formulator.

They are everyday women who wear jeans and tees, dresses and gowns occasionally, and business attire when necessary, with all the same ups and downs as you.

      Because of their passion, the Raw Skin Care Company is working everyday to source the finest organic ingredients and develop the most extraordinary formulas to provide the finest personal care and share them with awesome customers like you.

Our product are not just organic, with formulas that have proven history for health and beauty but they are wholesome, safe and good for us because they aid in challenges and strengthen our beauty like whole foods do.

      We're so glad you've found us. Now whats next?


Our Journey
We began formulating and offering professional organic nail care to Day Spas in 2004. That's our Spa Specifics Nails Collections Brand. Why did we start there? Our Owner and Formulator managed a huge day spa and salon in Chicago and after developing and building their nail spa  and spa, she decided it was time to get as many toxins out of the nail department as she could. Thus the birth of Spa Specifics which is now found in the finest Nail and day Spas in North America.
She then launched Amrit Organic Professional Global Body products in 2007, which you can find in the Hyatt Pure Spas across North America and the Caribbean and many hotel spas and stand alone Day Spas. Then after her clients begging her for skin care she launched Raw Skin Care in 2012.
Our team has over 30 years in the beauty and wellness industries. the Red Cherry Group is known for its passion of putting health with benefits first and foremost.
Happily we are proud of our brands are free in formula and processing of Preservatives, all Parabens, Color, Fragrance, Fillers including: Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Known Chemical and Natural Synthesized Toxins, All-Alcohols, Bleaches or Whiteners, Chemical Boosters, Thickeners, All Synthetic Chemicals and Animal By-products.
We hope you love what we work so hard for. After all we are women like you who want it all especially our external and internal health.
  Thank you for wanting to know us.
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