Fragrance, Allergen and Aroma freedom

We do not use man made fragrances in any form in any of our products .
We do use Aromatherapy.
These wonderful Organic products are made solely for those that have chronic allergic reactions or have a challenging skin conditions like eczema and rosacea, or can not or do not want fragrance in their skin care especially synthetic.  
There are many of us who are so sensitive to fragrance and aroma due to pollution, poor diet, chemical and climate exposure and hereditary.
Then there are a lot of us who prefer no scent or fragrance in our daily skin care.
The Clear Nourishment and Emerald Organic Collections and Companion Products are all non fragrance and aroma free without using traditional inert ingredients.
Instead we use only botanicals in their virgin forms that have proven results for the most sensitive. Clear Nourishment is also perfect for the most sensitive and young.
We also have Amrit Organic Botanical Oils , Unscented meaning non aroma and fragrance too. You will find them in Body Care Collections.

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