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 Acne: a skin condition that is cause from an over zealous oil glands that become clogging  with debris from dead skin cells, the follicles of hair, neglect and bacteria invasion. The skin conditions can include whiteheads, blackheads,  infected pimples, and cysts. They usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders.

While there are many true Acne Conditions that are diagnosed in Grades, general breakout conditions can first be arrested with a facial by an experienced esthetician and home care: Makeup Removing, Cleansing thoroughly, Toned-Balanced for bacteria kill and Hydrated.

Old Acne Control was thought to be strictly: No Make up, No Oil and Lots of dehydration. We know better today, looking through Botanical Plant Usage from Indigenous medicines and today's plant discoveries from Science.

Check out the Raw Skin Care Collections "Purity Nourishment for Young Skins and Purely Bare for Adult Acne" 

Anti-aging is a term that is misunderstood. It really means practices of personal care that can impact and slow down the look and feel of skin aging. Yes genetics do play a part but wait even most youthful genetics today must maintain a healthy weight and diet, Sun Exposure Protection and Full Body and Face Personal Care. Lets not forget our hands, feet and hair.

The Anti-aging term used in Skin Care targets fine and deep lines, premature wrinkles, neglect damage, loss of elasticity and dull in patchy with melanin discoloration (light and dark areas and sun caused freckles and texture).

Anti-aging products have an array of synthetic ingredients and isolated ingredient that can benefit daily maintenance. From Vitamins C to Anti-oxidant cell protection

A large percentage of Americans are not taught at an early age the single most important personal care anti-aging practice. Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturizing along with sun protection care habits. These simple daily practices fight infection, detox and flush debris, smooth and reeve the blood and circulation of cellular revival. These practices cured diseases and used by beauties throughout the centuries. The rest is wonderful, but if you don't maintain daily care and protection once born the alternatives are costly.   

Butter: a term to describe thick creamy body moisturizers. It is also the term for fat. We call our Creamy Body Butters Balms. They are made with Organic Plant Butters (fat) including Organic Shea, Organic Palm Fruits, Organic Coconut and Organic Cocoa. Find them by tapping here.

CBD:  Cannabis extract has a significant content of cannabidiol. It is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds. Cannabidiol is a natural component of industrial Cannabis or Hemp. CBD is a cannabis compound, has wonderful and active medical benefits. CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive and less psychoactive than THC. It appeals to consumers searching to manage relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.

CBD / Medical / Medicinal / Prescription has been FDA approved in early 2018.

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We have a complete Education Guide for you, that will be updated here...there is a lot to come so check back and learn!

Fragrance: Defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that gives each perfume or cologne (including those used in other products) its distinct scent. Fragrance ingredients may be derived from petroleum or natural raw materials. Companies that manufacture perfume or cologne purchase fragrance mixtures from fragrance houses (companies that specialize in developing fragrances) to develop their own proprietary blends. In addition to “scent” chemicals that create the fragrance, perfumes and colognes also contain solvents, stabilizers, UV-absorbers, preservatives, and dyes.

These additives are frequently, but not always, listed on product labels. In contrast, the chemical components in fragrance itself are protected as trade secrets and described on the label only as “fragrance.”

Glycerin: can come from animal, vegetable or synthetic derivatives. We use organic glycerin a natural product derived from organic vegetable oils. It is colorless and odorless with a slightly sweet taste. Glycerin is a humectant like Hyaluronic Acid, which makes it perfect because its whole and organic and not a chain chemical. It is water soluble, anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing is a perfect ingredient for oily skin. Glycerin is used in our Face Washes and all our Essential Serums in our Vital Collection. Find these, by tapping here.

Hemp Seed Oil: is sought after because it is considered as one of the nutrient pack plant oils available and very versatile. It is rich in essential omega fatty acids and proteins making it perfect for cellular growth. Hemp Seed Oil is sensitive to excessive light and temperature because of it's high chlorophyll which makes it the most ideal oil for oily to dry skins. Visit our Hemp Collection for all skins plus sensitive and acne active types.

Honey: yummy bee nectar which mostly pure sugar but anti-bacterial, soothing and soothing. It has antioxidants which work most effectively by ingestion. In skin care honey is very moisturizing and soothing. Honey in our skin care unless you use food grade is processed. Since we do not use animal by-products, we use Organic Plant Vegetable Glycerin. It has similar benefits and does not need additional processing other then extraction. This makes it perfect for it's continual growing benefits with consistent use. 

Hydrosol: these are Botanicals (plants) either single specific or duo (more then one plant) extracted by co- distillation processes in controlled distillation. Depending on which plant it comes from, they have different characteristics & benefits but all are extremely comfortable & hydrating to the skin. They are natures perfect toners with specifics healing properties. We exclusively use Hydrosols for toners with no added ingredients. Tap here to find them. They are very precious and healthy.

 Moisture Creme:  first and foremost is a man made viscosity. Petroleum in the 20th century became wildly popular replacing natural cold cremes and lead to the discovery of making cremes. These creams replaced natural plant oils for skin moisture.  Creme is a mixture of oil and water. Emulsifiers are used to blend them into a creme and stabilizers are used to keep them from separating for the a base and adding other ingredients. Thus a cream is a type of emulsion, made of water and oil for texture. We offer Organic Plant Moisture Serums blended with a variety of plant oils for specifics reasons along with specifics Aromatherapy extracts, making them a complete organic product to nurture and protect you skin (no emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, fragrances or color). Find them by tapping here.

Mushroom: The hottest trend now for all its nutritional benefits especially when eaten. It is like an anti-aging and probiotic supplement internally. In skin care it is liked for its antioxidant and humectant for similar values like Hyaluronic and Glycerin, but much more. At the moment the only organic mushroom ingredient is in powder form but we will keep looking.

Natural: nature by design-present in or produced by nature. They are produced using minimal physical processing. They can be directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes.

We do use natural clay and salts. These are inert ingredients that are not grown but rather by-products form in the earth that are harvested in the finest non-polluted areas and minimally treated (including no bleaching and solvent usage).

Organic: these precious ingredients are grown, organically farmed plants for their whole foliage and seeds. The only processing they have to becoming certified organic is by distillation and cold pressing.

Organic Grown: are exactly as titled: grown according to the US, EU and by country origin Food and Drug Farming Laws. It does not mean or describe that they are not processed chemically or how they are processed and used.

We use only USDA and Known and Approved USA Certifiers of  USA Organic Ingredients along with other seals to show our quality of assurances.

Polyphenols: important cellular natural plant anti-oxidants that immediately soothes irritation.


Scrubs: the general name for manual exfoliating facial and body skin products. We call our facial scrubs Smoothers because they are gentle,very effective and can be used daily. They can be mixed into you cleanser, used with oil or water and blended into a thick paste for an organic mask. Find them by tapping here! You will find there our liquid Organic AHA Exfoliant Serum in a roll on too!



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