2022 Personal Care Trend, the Outstanding Performance of Botanicals and their Perfections

Plants are the single most important ingredient in the world for food, medicine and personal care. Known as Botanicals they are a live, organic species that the animal and human species thrives on. Botanicals have boundless nutrients, toxins, and cellular abilities that are all special to their own botanical categories.

The 2022 Trend for Wellness from both science, medical and alternative wellness is using botanicals for their antimicrobial and protective cellular properties. The best example: they are being used for new chemical creations of ingredients to fight the coronavirus to fungus with Botanicals being the single most impactful ingredient in personal care and health products today.

Briefly: for Science and medicine, plants are now the biggest incentive to reach for especially plants that are rich in triterpenoids, because they have been found to have important inhibitory activity against coronaviruses. This includes the addition of plant virus inhibitors in chemical based consumer products for protection.

Botanicals are the Game changer for the entire Green Natural Product movement for 2022. Studies show that this is entirely driven by  consumer wants and searches, and  this is what is redefining the natural product ingredient direction. Botanicals, are now the leader in the natural cosmetic and beauty industry and is shifting formulas to an even more green and clean natural and organic beauty care industry. All this is changing product textures, additive elimination concerning synthetic ingredients, benefits and sustainability by chemists reaching back to traditional and local ingredients, which bring us back to the natural formulation before the the invention of petroleum in the 20th century.

FYI, although lead and zinc were the toxins of the late 1800s into the 1900s the research of petroleum brought the advanced  science of chemical by-products to the beginning of new heights that has dominated the cosmetic industry for the last 70 years.

But, why are Botanicals a wonderful turn for the personal care industry.

We can speak from our experiences and mission of making beautiful, healthy and safe personal care since 2007.

We ave been formulating with Rich Farmed Organic Plants and all their botanical power for 2 decades.

Beginning with our first products in hand and foot care, we have been educating about the important potency of antimicrobial and their actions benefits to for purifying, detoxification, cleansing, and killing bacteria in our organic personal care. In addition with our product ingredient abilities, we look to Botanicals for the actions of aiding healing, helping to strengthen and stimulating cellular growth which make the skin healthier and more beautiful. 

Every Raw Skin Care product formula includes the research on the traditions of pre-synthetic chemical and toxic inert ingredients discovery. We study indigenous medical practices, early 20th Century Aromatherapy and 21st Century's back to the cellular science of Botanicals.These three studies are entirely about the wellness history of Humans and the potency power of Botanical uses.

Our best example of the richness of botanical properties is found in our Toners. As unlikely as it sounds, these distillates are the purest form of Aromatherapy production for healing. 


Hydrosol - the life force of the plant in its liquid form

Raw Skin Organic Hydrosol Toners have a unique difference between toning with chemical mixes and plants true healing and balancing purpose. Hydrosols are first indigenous medicine and prevalent in the 20th century in medical uses, Its resurgence back into the 21st century is currently back in medical and wellness practices with more health conclusive data.

Hydrosols balance with properties to replace all alcohol toners with no harsh ingredients making it healthier. Traditional toners still contain harsh drying alcohols (SD 10-40). It strips and cause further dehydration leading to stinging and burning effect or causing a stimulation of oil to make up for water loss.

Hydrosol Toners aid in refreshing and hydrating. Hydrosols make the skin more receptive to the next step applied in home care and in facials or body therapies. The hydration received from Hydrosols can also help to calm irritated skin down from growing inflammation and abrasion. Especially Geranium Ros and Chamomile Hydrosol/

Hydrosols are created in several organic ways: through double co-distillation and in single plant distillation that stand alone or can be blended for a specific formula therapy. Each Plant has different characteristics and benefits like their Essential Oil twin, meaning they have the same property benefits and results, but each has a defined different use benefit as to the viscosity. They are all outstanding in being comfortable, refreshing, relieving, and hydrating, especially with daily mask wearing and bacteria-viral control.

Our Skin Care Collections and Their Hydrolsol / Toner Purpose
  • Purity Nourishment - Calendula: Bacteria/Viral Kill and Purifying
  • Complete Balance - Lavandula: Super Antiseptic & Astringent Cleansing
  • Prefect Comfort - Geranium Rose: Antiseptic, Hydrating, Cooling and Comforting
  • Golden Nourishment - Lemon Balm Antiseptic & Cellular stimulation-anti-aging
  • Emerald Organic - Cucumber-Lime: Acidic, Hydrating, Cooling & Anti-aging
Organic Hydrosol Toner Collection Properties:     Purity / Calendula

Well-known for its therapeutic properties; our Calendula Hydrosol has an infinite number of possibilities and uses!

Beneficial for: skin disorders, rashes, hot spots, epidermal healing, scratches, abrasions, sunburn, scars, and an all-around skin Tonic/ Alcohol wash because it kills bacteria and viruses that grow infection and deeply compromise skin health.

  • It has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and astringent
  • It is refreshing, soothing, sweet, & mildly floral.
  • It is a perfect facial toner for inflamed infection areas of acne if not in a sensitive state. Mix with Lavandula and Chamomile to soothe hypersensitivity.
  • It can be included in skincare and herbal formulations, added to bathwater, or used as in a wet cold compress for aches & sprains.

           Complete Balance / Lavender

This is one of the more relaxing and balancing hydrosols

It is ideal for oily and combination skin, and even Dry skins in the summer.

  • It is both antiseptic and astringent like calendula
  • It purifies by a cleansing effect and aid in restoring beck strength.
  • It has a calming effect to mood and minor irritations by conditioning
  • It is an excellent coolant for minor burns, rashes, & hot sores.

 Mentally refreshing and marvelous on the emotions and for the first-time user experience and for a young client learning to use a toner daily. This Hydrosol is excellent for all skins in stress, general blemish control, anti-aging sensitivity and irritation healing.

     Perfect Comfort / Rose Geranium

An Exceptional toner for dry sensitive skins, the aroma is romantic and soothing.

  • It is softening and deeply hydrating
  • It makes a practical and suitable body splash.
  • It is a lovely anti-anxiety spray, deodorant, and room freshener,
  • It is excellent when we feel sensual. This was use as an aphrodisiac with embedded roots dating back thousands of years.
  • It is antiseptic and astringent
  • It is anti-aging preserving moisture from dryness

Geranium-Rose is the most Anti-aging hydrosol because of its active cellular stimulating properties and its ability to lock in hydration efficiency from the properties of the aromatic Rose.

When ever there is delicate dry skin Geranium Rose Hydrosol, choose Perfect Comfort.

      Golden Nourishment / Lemon Balm

Best known for its calming effects on mental stress & fatigue

  • This lovely anti-aging hydrosol is beneficial for herpes, cold sores, eczema, and general skin irritations.
  • It is perfect for all Anti-aging treatment to stimulate cellular activity
  • It can heal abrasive stress, while strengthening the skins ability to heal & repair.

Lemon balm is a wonderful booster for sluggish normal to dry non sensitive skin It will bring back its vitality and strength and aid in controlling sallowness aligning it use with lightening treatments and maintenance.

       Purely Bare / Chamomile

Is ultra-comforting and works to calm, sooth, & hydrate, while refreshing

  • It has a dramatic difference for its therapy-infused properties to calm and hydrate
  • It will arrest hyper-sensitive skins and chronic dryness.
  • It has amazing soothing properties for sensitive and chronic irritated skin types with redness, flakiness, stinging and burning
  • It is excellent for persistent redness and medically diagnosed Rosacea & Psoriasis or anyone wanting the benefits of Chamomile.
  • It is excellent for adult inflamed acne and acne that that will not calm down due to neglect or needing additional medical aid.

Our Chamomile has a soft gentle aroma and mixes easily with Calendula for more bacteria kill and control in the treatment therapy.

         Emerald Organic / Cucumber Lime Co-Blend

Alive Thirst-Quenching effects and Acidic for Peels and Anti-aging

Cucumber and Lime Organic Co Blend is Number 1.

Cucumber drips with moisture and with this moisture you get extraordinary amounts of trace minerals the skin thirst for.

  • It provides a soothing anti-inflammatory and healing active and effect visible difference on the skin.
  • It has a long history of being part of Asian skin care for delicate dry skin for centuries.
  • It is the enzyme Erepsin found in Cucumber, that has skin-softening properties.
 Lime promotes pH balancing and tightening of the skin while stimulating circulation and rejuvenating.
  • It is brightening and acidic leaving skin fresh and smoother
  • Its acidic properties balance is perfect with Cucumber because it acts as a neutralizer for AHA Acids or most abrasion and spa exfoliation treatments, but its benefits out preform any chemical neutralizer.

 Together these two Organic Plants bare fruit that marries so well, it has become our number one Treatment Hydrosol and Home Care Skin Product.  Highly recommended for even the most sensitive and acne skin condition.

 We hope we have presented a clearer understanding of Today's Botanical Ingredients Importance and Trends.  We welcome your feed back and questions.  Our best for you health and wellness which all create beauty!

Oh try one of our botanical toners and You will never go back to Chemical, Colored and Processed Neutralizing Toners.