Best Skin Care Products to Splurge On

There are percentages of skin care products that are single targets and can be tested out for effectiveness and benefits and then there are Skin Care Products that are the best to buy for quality, purity, and effectiveness with the correct results for your skin type. You can use high,middle to low priced makeup and not miss any beauty, but again for their image performance and skin type, because you don't want products with color, fragrance and cosmetic ingredient to cause clogging.

The top 2 pieces of skin care:

They are the most impactful products you must have and need for beautiful, purified and ageless skin for your entire life. These two products can’t stand alone, they have companion pieces that support and complement the skins daily digestive needs. They are the primers before the target and if your skin is not purely primed, then the grime wins, causing pimples, congestion, discolored areas, and wrinkles.

You’ve guessed the Top 2, then. It’s your Cleanser and Moisturizer and their Companions are a toner, facial scrub or smoother and eye and face oils or balms.

Part 1. Cleansers

They come in various viscosity, sometimes colored, fragrance and a wide variety of added ingredients in pump bottles and jars.

Water-Soluble and OIl Cleansers need to be gentle, yet deeply cleansing and purifying for all skins in a very natural ingredient base. The best Cleanser bases are made from plants and contain NO DETERGENT, color, fragrance or synthetic ingredients. There is a big difference with ingredients. Detergents dry and often irritate and leave skin tight and dry. Which I might add does not mean your skin is clean including squeaky. Lets dispel squeaky when it comes to your fragile facial skin, and hands too.  

Honestly there is no room for detergent and as a matter of fact no cheap or toxic ingredients either. Cleanser should be simple and do one job perfectly clean your skin type.

To clarify, there is no other way to remove skin debris.  Plant based cleansers do not need color and ingredient besides a mild plant exfoliant to be very actively cleansing and refreshing. The perfect ingredients to add into a natural base soap for different skin types are glycerin’s, and hydrating-water-soluble exfoliants and botanical conditioning ingredients like distilled hydrosols, botanical extracts and tinctures.

Let’s not get confused about oil cleansing and wonder "Are they bad for your skin"?  Oil-based cleansers and make up removers have great purpose. Facial oils like Jojoba, Safflower and even Olive oils deeply soften and loosen debris, while greatly aiding to the break down of sebum oil, clogging debris and hard to remove waterproof make up. Where as water soluble cleansers cleansers purge the pours when unclogged, flush debris,  and naturally purify. That is their job.

An Easy Breezy Way to make an Oil Cleanser when needed:

What does "When Needed" mean? The perfect time to work with a natural or preferably an organic oil or oil cleanser, depending on your skin type, is prior to masking at home, or when the skin is feeling sensitive or when your wearing face make up with oil as a base like color foundations and creme face color, or you want to heal and aid the skin to bounce back after a deep exfoliating treatment, or you have dry skin and lastly you like a more conditioning feel before nightly beauty sleep.

Here is our Raw Skin Care Easy Breezy way to make an oil cleanser:

Start with our Conditioning Make Up Remover Oil, or your Moisture Serum that is your last ritual step or one of our Unscented Body and Facial Oils. We offer superior organic certified oils. Look and try, Organic Jojoba for the most sensitive and acne skins, Organic Safflower and Sun Flower for all skins and Organic Extra Virgin Olive and Avocado oils for seasonal dryness to dry and very dry skin types .

Like using our smoothers, 1 pump of the chosen oil in the Palm of one wet cleansed hand, then a  pump of Organic Cleanser, massage together a little and massage apply your skin. I like to remove the oil cleanser it with a nicely warm wet wash cloth and flush my skin and repeat a second cleansing and even a shake or two of my Raw Skin Care Smoother.

After a second cleansing  Mist with Organic Hydrosol Toner. You skin will feel smooth and soft.

Understand the evolution of cleansing:

To finalize, archaeologists uncovered the beginning history of cleansing during an excavation revealing  how cleansing was done in ancient Babylon. The evidence included how the Babylonians started making soap, dating around 2800 B.C. Babylonians were the first one to master the art of soap making. They made soap from fats boiled with ashes. Soap was used in cleaning wool and cotton used in textile manufacturing and was used medicinally for at least 5000 years.

  • The Ebers papyrus (Egypt, 1550 BC) reveals that the ancient Egyptians mixed animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to produce a soap-like substance.
  • The Phoenicians used goat's tallow and wood ashes to create soap in 600BC.
  • Early Romans made soaps in the first century A.D. from urine (acidity) and was widely known in the Roman Empire
  • The Celts made their soap from animal fat and plant, and they named the product saipo, from which the word soap is derived.

I hope your gained more information on why cleansing the skin is so important.

It is the #1 Product to healthy, disease controlled, beautiful skin. skin.

Part 2 of “Best Skincare to Splurge On” we will explain the importance of beauty making companions. Yes, the correct toner is a non-replaceable companion along with its companion the manual scrub which reigns the number one daily refiner you can blend with a cleanser over AHAs

Part 2 of “ The Best Skincare to Splurge On” in July.

Raw Skin Care is known for its beautiful Cleanser Collection

We have 8 cleansers, and they are well explained in their collection.

We recommend that if you want a beautiful deep cleansing, first cleanse with one of our Raw Skin Care Cleansers with several pumps of cleanser and mist with a couple of shakes of a Raw Skin Care Smoother the skin will pay you back daily in collagen stimulation and firming beside a smoother complexion.

Second Cleanse put a drop of You Raw Skin Care Serum in the palm of your hand with another pump of your cleanser and cleanse massage your face and neck, then remove with a warm wet towel.

To finish the perfect cleansing, mist with a Raw Skin Care Toner and apply your Raw Skin Care Serum

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