Makeup COVER UP, YES or NO?

The bigger question should be:

How do I stop the breakouts, or why am I breaking out, or what am I doing wrong that I want to reach for a cover up-make up?

Its really not all that hard. There are rules your skin keeps telling you about and your not listening. The largest organ of your body is your skin and it's one of the most abused, besides our gut and they both talk to each other behind your back.

Yes one reacts to the other. Here's an example. You maintain a good diet most of the time, but this past weekend you ate pizza, drank no water but indulged in spirits (super sugar) and pop. Plus you neglected to take your makeup off one night. But you did in the am. Well that's too late!

This scenario is perfect for a good morning breakout, and pore congestion rampage and you have an early morning business appointment and a ruddy bumpy chin, redness around one eye and a nice pimple by your nose. This is called Scary Morning Face Syndrome. PS this does happen during the work week too.

lets establish and review what every makeup and skin care artist knows..

The Vital Beautiful Face Rules! 

Makeup only looks as good as the condition of the skin!

Cleanser AM - Make Up-Removal and Cleans PM

Clean Diet Clean Skin!

Old Make Up is Dirty Trash!

Cover Ups are a last resort!

Last rule -always start your make-up with a very clean moist palette, meaning your skin is cleansed, toned, moisturized and protected.


But what about the always no matter what pimples and other frustrating challenges? The only way to fully address how to have beautiful flawless skin means you must make a list and check it off with a definite Yes or  No answers..


Try this list and answer yes or no.

I remove my Makeup only every night? 

I remove my Make and Cleans every night?

I used the same hand soap for my face that is in the bathroom?

I wash my Face with water?

I have never used a make-up remover?

I use some skin care I saw at the Pharmacy that sounded great?

I've never use a scrub or mask on my face?

I like to scrub but haven't found a gentle one?

I have never gotten or thought to get a facial or analysis for help?

I go to a Derm for my skin issues?

I like what my Derm told me to use, but my face is tight and dry?

I hope you got the message. Everyone's skin is different and special and delicate. It needs consistency and the correct ingredients that meets the immediate needs of the environment, season and age of the person. After all adult acne is completely different the teen age acne.

So after answering the Questions on the list, take the time to review our recommendations and why.

So forget all the No's and Yeses and start fresh. It's easy to have beautiful skin and everyone can have it today. 

Everyone has skin issues but some of us have more issues then others. The revolution is called Clean Patrol and that what you need to embrace. But before you get shopping the first action to get is an analysis from an experienced esthetician. The more your skin is out of control the more advise you need.

Professional Advice:

Skin advise from an experienced esthetician is priceless, because she can open your eyes to the past and the future. Once you both discuss all there is about your skin and tell her all our dirty little habits, get a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial and ask her for a follow up. Buy the 3 things that are vital to your skin's experience from her and with these new items you are ready to get started. BTW, its a life time practice.

My guess suggestions are:

The correct cleanser, and moisturizer and a little control serum for the first set of challenges. How do you decide, well an anti-bacterial control serum if you have acne like infections and pimples, a scrub for congestion, or a mask for firming and cleansing. These are all good beginnings. Build in as you see good results, but be vigilant.


The Make-Up Thing!

If you hate Make-up removal  try cleansing twice very well with a wash cloth every night because then you are gently exfoliating you skin But after take a cotton swab with Organic My-micellar Waters over your skin to see if you did a good job . Make up removers come in Oil and Water bases. Ask for advice from you new esthetic and skincare specialist friend. She should be able to give you the correct solution.

Lastly stick with it and never omit deeply cleansing your skin. CLEANSING is everything to the facial skin. It reeves the facial lymphs and blood to cleans the debris and freshen the skins functioning. Then and only then can the skin strengthen against Bacteria and Debris, Glow from absorbing skin care Nutrients and activate it's own process of cellular building.

Call Salon Echo Chicago, esthetician Margot

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Check your own location and ask for Raw Skin Care by name.