Generations of Natural Beautiful Skin

Families that look like they all have Naturally Beautiful Skin, we always assume, its from their genetics. That's not entirely true and it's not to be mistaken that they were awarded the Magic Beauty Birth Pill. It's truly about the hand down beauty regimes through the generations.

My Mother had beautiful skin til the day she died at 94 and she was a Tom Boy, Played Golf, Swam like a fish but always did her beauty regime and she took the time to teach each one of her daughters to do the same. My Grandmother, who pasted at 100, had an amazing regime, that included a Steam Bath once a week and daily facial rolling at night with a natural blend of coconut butter and plant oils.

As a result of observing and learning, my skin is awesome and I'm constantly asked my age, which also shines my personality. But did it come easy? No, as a teen I had acne. I'd sneak in the strongest fragrance alcohol I could buy. What did my Mom do? When she found my "rip my skin off toner", she threw it out and brought me a box with a clear cleanser, plant toner, a green mask and an oil. From that day on, my acne was in control as long as I practiced my regime and I only had one tiny scare that the wonderful Med-Spa Flattened. Now I do spa monthly with a facial and sometimes a peel, plus my daily regime of Raw Skin Care .

All this is simply, what I developed in and for Raw Skin Care products. I call it safe result driven skin care for all skins of all generations, even skins with a disease or post trauma.

Skin Diseases include acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, post laser - chemo, surgery trauma, and cranky hypersensitivity. These skins respond to natural anti-inflammation and hydration.   

Love this picture! It says care, love, beauty, youth, happiness, joy and playful teaching. I wrote an article this year in August, about "Teaching your Children the Life Long Practice of Beauty" and this picture said it all.


Our Children and beyond are the beauty we leave after Our own Journey.
Thus, next time you see a beautiful group of women with daughters and granddaughters, remember how it really all happens.
Did I mention a joyful soul adds to our outer beauty. You better believe it!