Join the Fight Against the Spred of Covid-19

Join the Fight to Stop the Spread of Covid-19
Here at the Red Cherry Group we recently began this campaign last Thursday. We are humbled and grateful at its beginnings.
It all started in the News, that there was little to no-sanitizer available to be purchased by anyone. Now we are taking it further.
We welcome this expanding project initiative as our business is as affected as the smallest salon and spa to independents and the Largest luxury Resorts or Hotel chains. They and you all are our clients.
Raw Skin Care
Corona-virus (COVID-19)
Pandemic Campaign Project
We are feverishly working to get the word out and welcomed this offering which is a win with a cause to donate more protection for our First Responders in Your Name.
Every purchase of our Support Wellness offers a 30% discount on a $100.00 minimum and a FREE 1oz. Hand Sanitizer, in turn we will donate in your name, a free 1oz. Sanitizer to a local Fire/Ambulance Station, beginning in the Chicago Area. Its where our young company resides close to. We plan to donate a case of 50/ 1 oz. to as many Stations and as often as we can, beginning now with your help.
Our Goal is, is a Free Sanitizer in your hands for purchasing skin care products. Then we all win and your purchase has a greater purpose in the aid to protect our first responders, while your home, keeping the family safe and healthy.
Our Goal has no limit, and we need your help in getting the word out there.
You can help by:
Send to everyone you know including churches, schools, friends, dentist, gardener, all moms and anyone.
The more support the more protection is out there for our First Responder Angles and you.
For more information about COVD-19 and what you can do to keep healthy and safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control at or your local health department's website.