Make Up Removing Facts

We like to keep it Simple. Make Up is Wonderful.

Its not a new man-made beauty Item, rather our ancestors used it as War Paint, to Standardized the Cast System Identity and for Fashion. Today it goes from creating a natural flawless look (no pores and coverup) to Smokey Eyes; and lets not for get the Big Screen with a lot of Syfy!

Here's are some cold facts:

  • Make up is made to stay on
  • The ingredients are not Skin Feeding
  • Often Fragrance is a culpret
  • Visually not Forgiving
  • Make Up only looks as Great as UR Skin Condition

But alas, great skin care prep with a good base of moisture protection can help the skin from absorbing what should stay on the surface and then removing make up before sleep can keep your skin from morning challenges = pimples.

Miss-understood facts about Your Beauty Product formulations!

  • Make Up Remover only removes MAKE UP
  • Make Up Removers do not kill bacteria
  • Make Up Removers do not clean skin
  • Cleansers (base Soaps) Flush Debris out and off
  • Cleanser kill bacteria
Make Up Remover Formulation 101, There are two different types of make bases:
  • Oil - Water Proof (will not dissolve in water or alcohol) 
  • Water - Resistant and Soluble (able to be dissolved, especially in water)
Make Up Remover Formulation 102. There are two Different Types of Make up Remover
First Type:
  • Oil Based and Oil Blends:
  • They Break down Oil and Synthetic Water Proof Chemical Blends = Water Proof and Oil based Make Up. (Like Mascaras, Foundations, Creme Blushes and Shadows)
Second Type
  • Water, Alcohol & additive Blends
  • These Ingredients break down Water Resistant and Soluble make up (Like Water Base Mascaras, Tints and Foundation even with Sun Screens and Powders alike)

Now the big miss-understanding about Cleansers!

CLEANSERS clean. Cleanser are made to remove normal body oils which are not exactly straight forward oil. They are your bodies chemical Complex moisture and it's wonderfully.

So, Cleaning is flushing and detaching the deep pour clinging debris like body fluid build up, sweat (again it's us), dead skin cells and particles that attach to our skin (like dirt and molecules like dust).

Cleanser are made to match our skin sensitivities and needs but they kill bacteria!  So, that is why the two can not be separated or do each other job.

Do a test:

Just cleanse off you make up with your cleanser and then take a cotton pad with toner or make up remover and see that you find!

Lastly not every make up remover is the same.

Raw Skin care has both formulas with no Color, Fragrances, Alcohols, Toxins, Fillers, Stabilizers, or you name it.

Both are with only organic ingredients

Raw Skin Care Make Up Remover and Lash Conditioner

Raw Skin Care My Micellar Complexion Waters

Can you tell which is for which type of Make Up your wearing...

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