Moisture Perfect to Splurge On! Part 3

Moisturizer is conditioning the top layer of the skin. Its the one organ of you body you feel the most. Dryness is tight and flaky; even sometimes patchy and red.  Oily skin feels heavy and dirty, like you want to wash your skin 3 times a day. Then there is the in between of all types of confusion setting in. Like a little oily and sometimes feel sensitive. What to do?

The very best way to find out what skin type and condition your skin is in, is by going to an expert and not your local cosmetic retail shop. Aesthetic Professionals have studied skin. But lets cut to finding the expert! - Call you local spa and ask if they have a service for skin analysis and a recommendation of the products you should be using.  I'd say check out and try three professionals and get to know their products. Then decide on you options and what each is recommending! You can also ask your friends if they can recommend their spa esthetician.

Moisturizer will be your key objective to work around along with the current condition of your skin, this is important. Sure our skins have a basic type of dry, oily and sensitive and the in between or everything, but the current state is vital to a great recommendation. Oh. and everything is a red flag, because if your skin is out of control or vastly over worked using the wrong products or neglected you need to reveal what your using and doing.

Neglect, let me count the ways:

  • Goes to bed with an uncleaned face
  • Make up sleeping
  • No exfoliation or masking, rarely or occasionally
  • Washes Facial skin in the shower with body soap
  • Never wears Sun Screen
  • Opts for a new lipstick and cover up then addressing good daily skin care
  • Cleans their face with alcohol then applies cover up
  • Uses hand soap to cleans skin in the am only

Get the picture? So picking a moisturizer includes coordination with Cleanser, Toner and Exfoliant and the purpose to the condition.

An Example If your skin is red, sensitive and dry, a cleanser for dry skin is not always the answer. It depends on how sensitive your skin is and if there are underlying allergies. A professional needs to discover what your skin's redness is from, is it the dry conditions or a reaction to dehydration and what exactly is causing sensitivity. That is why a second and third opinion is needed, plus you will find an experienced professional will look at the whole condition and recommend a plan. Note that when it comes to skin diseases a dermatologist should be included for diagnosis.

Next lets move to how ....

Moisturizers come in different vicosities or textures.

Cremes and lotions, these vicosities  are are man made to feel good  and penetrate easily. Because cremes and lotions are an American 20th Century emulsion discovery as opposed to salves and balms, women have been indoctrinated to want these types of viscosity, where European Women prefer the really thing, oil and extracts.  Thus Cremes and Lotions topical textures are made of water and fat or oil and then synthetic chemicals are added to stabilize, emulsify and preserve with small molecule conditioners added and lastly topped off with fragrance. Read any creme or lotion.

Serums are similar in formulation with the addition of man made gels and fractured oils. These bases are made to hold synthetic chemicals like AHAs and Vitamin C, Then the ideal preserved ingredients and fragrance, and synthetic conditioners are added.

Organic Cremes and lotions have less synthetic ingredient and start with an organic base of fat, treated water and better natural conditioners and natural  aromas or *fragrances.

Organic Serums and Balms have no synthetic ingredients, no preservatives, color and no fragrance. They use only organic plant extracts in oil and fats like coconut oil.

What are synthetic ingredients: Synthetic cosmetic and personal care ingredients are made from products that are formulated in a laboratory. Example. Cranberry extraction for it antioxidant properties is extracted with CO2 or Hy-bred Chemicals.

The Term Synthetic means in cosmetic formulation: the act of and using processed occasionally natural materials with chemical ingredients that are not found in nature.

Non Nature Ingredients can be made with naturals in combination with or for by  using the chemical processing to isolate a feature, like vitamin c or vitamin e. alpha-hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acids. These are examples, because there is no creme and lotion tree or vitamin E tree or vitamin C tree. Each of these types of single molecules come from a whole source and supports the purpose of that source, like an orange or avocado.

Naturals and organic ingredients including plants, herbs, fruit seeds etc.can be processed holistically by distillation, cold pressing, or a drying system. These ingredients hold their properties safely. They can be mixed with synthetics which you will find in Organic Lotions and Cremes which need stabilizing ingredients, but in natural and organic Oils and Organic Bases like  organic glycerine, and solid fats they can be completely void of synthetic chemicals.

Thus choose well you moisturizer and choose one that is different each season because your skin tells you so.

If you care well for your facial skin with using the best possible daily care and cleanse with a warm washcloth, two (2) times a day adding a sunscreen during the day, you will see and feel a difference. You will have less lines and enjoy healthy beautiful skin for a life time..

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 * Fragrance is the number One (1) toxin in the Cosmetic industry.

Fragrance is defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that gives each perfume or cologne (including those used in other products) its distinct scent. Fragrance ingredients may be derived from petroleum or natural raw materials.

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