No Breakouts from Summer Heat!

The fact is: oily skin actively purges oil and dry skins feel more comfortable during the summer. For oily skins there is a whole set of challenges. I know I have oily skin! But for dry skins its congestion.  

Both need a new routine, and not one that leaves the skin flaky, shiny and bumpy! Most of us have been exfoliating all winter for an ageless appearance and we tend to slow down, thinking too much exfoliation during sun season leaves us open to sun damage.

While this is true it's not the whole story. Summer demands the lighter touch with gentle products that are completely efficient with true balance.

Do go to the spa for a deep cleansing facial at least 2 times during the summer and change UR products to lighter summer formulations with no AHAs and Harsh chemicals and add a higher SPF Sunscreen for Sun Exposure! 

Summer Heat Skin Combat Products are:

  • 1. Oil Free Complexion Waters
  • 1. Soothing Gentle Cleanser
  • 1. Granular gentle daily Scrub
  • 1. Alcohol Free Toner
  • 1. Light Serum or moisturizer
  • 1. High SPF Complexion Sun Screen.

This is for all Skin Types, but preferences must fall into Soothing and Anti-Aging with no strong chemicals including AHA Cleansers or at least cut back to once a week with AHAs.

Lets Talk Raw Skin Care!

First, Our Oil Free Complexion Waters "My Micellar" are not just make up removers or a cleansing replacements.

No Micellar Brand is a cleanser replacement!

My Micellar kills sweaty bacteria and removes make up and debris while priming the skin for a deep cleansing. They are excellent day time Fresheners for Oily and Acne Areas with a fresh Sun Screen application and a dusting of non-Talc Powder. (P.S. that's a make up artist trick).

Next, Our amazing plant and herbal gentle daily Raw Skin Care Smoothers (we hate the word scrub, YUCK). These can be mixed with the cleanser for an easy breezy deeper cleansing without over stimulating over active skin while it smooths skin thru gentle plant exfoliation.

Now, Cleanse to perfection with a fresh Summer Balancing Cleanser. For Oil and Blemish Control Choose Purity Nourishment Cleanser or if UR sensitive too, pick Purely Bare Cleanser. For dry Skins to help eliminate congestion while keeping that comfortable feeling, choose Complete Balance Cleanser.

End with all nourishment. Raw Skin Care Hydrosol Toners (no Alcohols) are Pure Aromatherapy healing and balancing with a mix of one of our light Serums like Purity for the most breakout skins to Emerald for those with dry congested skins.

Look thru our product descriptions. They are pretty awesome and easy to understand . If your confused email me at and we can answer all questions and even call you!


We believe All Skins can be Beautiful Skins

& Clear Skin is Beautiful Skin!