Sensitivity Issues are Serious

They are more common now then ever. Babies, Children, Teens, Men and Women.

How do we deal with it now? The secret is not new, but how we have dealt with it and lived has.

We plainly got away from the Traditions of Whole Health Living and invited the Chemical Trend into Cosmetics and Food and the Advancement of Stationary Work Lives.

Let's point out the contributing facts and look at the need for Change and Teaching Healthy Practices and Results.

The early 20th century impacted our lives from the advancements of Good Science but has grown in a very short time to be detrimental to our lives through our convenience way of life. With the Discovery pf Petroleum the World of Science embraced heavily into petroleum's many used. First for it's energy and then into chemicals to make life easier and cheap.

Chesebrough's Vaseline Petroleum Jelly along with Pond's Cleansing Cream and Pond's Extract, became the first commercial American cosmetic products turning cold creme from beeswax, natural oils and plant aromas to petroleum and derivatives including, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Borax and Water . In the Food Industry it was the advancement of chemicals super growing fertilizers and insect sprays not to forget foliage (plant toxins) killers. Then the invention of processed foods and growing sedentary jobs and careers.In the 1960s a short return to an organic living and eating with the Green Food Movement but it has laid quiet due to life become busier and actively demanding faster and easier ways to feed.

The result today is more people are impacted then ever and we are more seriously sensitive to the Sun, Quality of Air and Water and Lack of Nutrition.

We now find ourselves in the the 21st Century,  demanding  to be healthier and live longer more beautifully.  The Green movement is back and has grown, but it needs tending because it is impacted by politics and the movement of money, life styles and diseases and the inability of quick response .

What do we do? The only way we can combat sensitivity is cleaning out our lives and change to healthy practices and rituals including:

  1. Whole Food, because the better the quality of food the more nutritious it is to build body responses. The stronger our defenses the more we can internally fight off disease.
  2. Whole Living, because most of all we live with from flooring to clothes is petroleum. Choosing what we surround ourselves with is important, because you can eliminate exposure to many toxins by using safe earth cleaning products and natural non toxic fibers to live in.
  3. Body Activity, whether you sit for your job or stand, exercise to burn calories and strengthen you internal functions aid in fighting off aging and disease
  4. Personal Care, no matter what you using the elimination of absorb-able products is more important then you know. Learn the name of known toxic chemicals in you skin and body care from bathing products to cremes. Get the app. "Think Dirty" (it was developed for mom's to choose more wisely Children's Personal Care)

That is why we formulate Raw Skin Care not just safe products, but healthy healing, balancing and beautifying products. We choose raw plants instead of manipulated and chemically treated plants. The importance is whole nutrition topically used with benefits and results. Check our products reviews. 

Importantly, here are the Red Cherry Organic Lab we formulate to fight diseases from Sensitivity to boosting the health of all skins. Since we are focusing on sensitivity, we put a lot of time creating one of our most wonderful Collections "Purely Bare".   This Collection is to aid in calming uncontrollable inflammation weather cause from environmental exposure or cosmetic reaction, to heal and to strengthen fragile - sensitive and chronic impacted reactive skins. The purpose is to be more then controlling, but also to give these skin freedom from chemically gooey cremes and ointments.


Purely Bare Collection Page has the information your looking for and is chosen for Adult Acne, Rosacea, Teen Inflamed Acne and Skin that is Chronically Sensitive.


Let us know your skin type and

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