Skin Caring in the Summer

Sun, Heat and Neglect is why Skin Caring is as important in the Summer as it is in the Winter.

What most women do for Daily Skin Care? They use the same winter products and get lazy about adding all the Anti- W Serums and opt to add a Sunscreen, but not too high because they  want Color.

Its all understandable, because when the sun shine it makes us feel care free and brings us a new energy of freedom since winter drains our defenses.

So what is the correct solution? Simplicity in the form of 5 products that clear the skin of new debris called sweat, garden and play outside dirt, chlorine, air pollution and plain oily heaviness.

The Perfect Cleansing Solution is going a step down towards oily control in formulas. Best Summer Cleansers in Raw Skin Care are for those with more summer oil production and blemishes choose Purity Nourishment for eliminating bacteria and controlling breakout control, Crystal Glycerine for easy oil and sensitivity control, Emerald Organic for all skins for enzyme action to clarify and slow activity down and Complete Balance for lightly dry and sensitive skins.

The Perfect Scrubs we call smoothers, because there is nothing that feels better then the feeling of smoothness from a good cleansing with a GREAT SMOOTHER! The is a Smoother in each Collection and My favorite is Perfect Comfort for it soft grainy feeling from powdered brown rice and oat flakes. Scrubbing over AHAs in the summer is wonderful, because they do not deplete the skin of important nutrients needed to repair daily irritations and they leave the skin perfectly free of debris and dead cells..

The Perfect Toner and Skin Temperature Refreshers are Purity Nourishment for super germicidal kill and cooling action, Complete Balance for purity and strength and relaxing oil glands, Emerald Organic for Brightness and acidic balance and Purely Bare for calming and healing redness and sensitivity.

The Perfect Skin Immediate Aid Essentials are any of the Vitals and they can be layered. 

  1. Vital-Replenish is full Spectrum Nutrients! Full Spectrum of Vitamins and minerals to aid depleted skin from over exposure including sun and sun damage, peels and exfoliation, and dehydration. Replenish is exactly as its name implies, the perfect ageless support serum that replenishes the skin to optimum strength; Excellent for unexpected rash & irritation to soothe & replenish skin back to normal
  2. Vital-Resilience is Soothing Strength! Soothing inflammation and attacking bacteria to strengthen skin from reactive and damaging challenges including light breakouts to acne, irritability, hypersensitivity and chronic inflammation; Excellent for spot breakouts & acne area of inflammation
  3. Vital Restorative is Purely Healing!  Cleansing and purification along with sedative calming, best serves skins that just need to get stronger balance and continual calming; Excellent for oil production & balancing confused skins
  4. Vital-en-Enrichment is the Ultimate Age Refinement Serum!  All the age defining properties in a “super fruit” including vitamin C, antioxidants and high polyphenols; Excellent to brighten & bring back healthy texture

The Perfect Moisture Balancing Serums are Complete Balance to replace nutrients, Emerald Organic to soothe and heal the most irritated and sensitive skins and Vita- Nutrient Antioxidant Creme for it  light weight texture and powerful miniaturization and repair qualities.

So dont pick up your old summer habits and go for the most important summer skin care. You will be so happy and wonder why you haven't done it before, after all, new products for each season last you 3-4 months and that equals a full season! Happy Perfect Skin this Summer, You deserve it!.

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