Teens and Winter Skin Care

Simply, Teen skins are tender, sensitive, quick to react, speed trains to infection and hormone changes and open for emotional explosion.

We all go thru it. Some of us go through tons of ups and downs, looking for the magic potion lotion, but the answer to young skin care beauty is simple, less is best! Just like Mom says about make-up.

So, what is less and what is best?

Less-to begin, is staying away from all the active serums and hype products. The skin sheds to rebuild every 28 days and for teen skin it can be shorter depending on balance. What is Balance? Its control of any % and working to get it to 80-95% of the time, after all a teen is still growing inside and out.

How do we do this at home? Let's begin with Food. You will love it, if you try just even for a month.

Add lots of green food to daily meals. Forget Pizza (it's acne in a dish for most) save that for a special event and home made is the best! Why you ask? Pizza is yeast, acid, fat and most often marinates sauces and processed meats Also avoid all marinated veggies (like pickle), Oily Nuts, Pop and Candy and including Coffee and Milk. There are so many wonderful natural foods available now.

Now for a Great Skin Care Regime at home.

Get used to doing it morning and evening. Why? Its cover a 24 hr cycle of life, but you can add a third and fourth, if your going out after your daily routine and work outs. Here's all you need to begin:

  • Water-Soluble Makeup Remover, because it removes topical makeup and grime.
  • Water-Soluble Cleanser to flush out pore until they are free of oil and debris (your oil is natural and the more you keep the skin clean and soft, oil will not buildup). If you find you are getting shiny in the am, it could be your using products that are too drying for your skin.
  • Gentle plant, soft daily Scrub. We hate the word scrub because most are too hard on tender skin. We call ours Smoothers. They loosen deep debris and along with the cleanser they super flush out impurities. You can use them daily and whip them up into a mask as well, for home mini facials.
  • Toner! Skin is clean and ready for toning with a plant non alcohol, non fragrance, non toxin, balancing toner. Our Hydrosol Toners are the finest and are the Best!
  • Nourishment, the skin is now ready for a nutrient moisturizer. Everyone is different and that is why the perfect moisturizer is important but whats under it is (the canvas) is even more crucial.  So Creams are Water and Oil with lots of chemicals to make the viscosity of CREAM. We offer plant oils which are natures free nutrients of replacement and compliment our own natural skin needs.


We believe another way to get started is to find a Spa near you that addresses all teen skins. Importantly, interview to find a professional esthetician that understands that not all skin need to have alpha-hydroxy acid facial or Microdermabrasion to control skin's beauty. A deep cleansing facial with a target enzyme is often the best and from there other options can be discussed.

So you can see "less is best" and choose your makeup wisely.

Light powders over your moisture and a good SPF is perfect during the day.

Remember this is great advise to start with and if you have sever break outs, a chronic skin disease or acne, you can start with our tips of less is best and see a doctor.

We have 4 Collections to read about: 

  1. Purity Nourishment   Acne and Chronic Acne Flares
  2. Complete Balance  Very light Acne and general Break Outs
  3. Purely Bare  Dry sensitive flared acne, chronic sensitivity, eczema, and psoriasis
  4. Clear Nourishment  Fragrance, Aroma Sensitive and Inflamed 

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