Treat Skin to Anti-Dryness

What's the first thing we feel when cooler weather moves in? Skin Changes!

Our Skin tells us through touch and sensitive messages, immediately. These messages include: feeling tighter, drier and even  show visible signs of under skin congestion. Did I forget the flakes appear and softness suddenly becomes rough over night. This can happen in 2 to 4 days and is always a frustrating adjustment, especially, if your not choosing the right products.

All this can be avoided by stepping up or down our skin care. I find the best and immediate fix to my skin's seasonal changes is by beginning with a Professional Facial to balance and deep cleanse. You can ask for an Organic Raw Skin Care Facial by name or go to Find Organic Facial Wellness.

This is the best gift you can give your skin...its basically giving it a great hydro priming before the skin becomes totally out of control, not to mention the wonderful deep cleansing after a summer of massive Sun Screen application and sweaty sports activity. 

Now for choosing the right products. If it's not right after spending your hard earned dollars, you tend to give up. I know how frustrating it can be; but for those of us don't always get it right here are some guides.

Begin by introducing your skin to a more Gentle Cleanser. if your using an exfoliating cleanser with AHAs, they become too aggressive during the cooler months. The same applies for cleansers for breakout and acne skins. Now don't completely stop using them, exfoliating is important, but since the skin actually slows down in oil production and is trying to adjust, use the exfoliating cleanser once every 3-4 days (Test it out to see how often you can use the exfoliating Cleanser more effectively)!

How to Change Cleansers:

Got it..the same goes for Toners...if your using a toner with Alcohol or any drying antiseptic ingredient...change to one of our Hydrosol Pure Plant Toners (They have no chemical ingredients added). They have all the power of killing bacteria with super hydration levels without dehydrating the skin. Once you've tried one, You will never go back to Alcohol Etc again and you can adjust your choices to the Seasons.

Next and final Layer! If you don't do added plant essences, like our Resilience, Oil free anti-inflammatory serum or one of our wonderfully yummy Smoothers...the final call is hydration and nutrients in a moisture replenishing serum.

But lets go through why this is the last thing your change.

Think about the change from going from lighter foods to heavy foods!

Aha, that says it's really starting with the most obvious in skin cleansing and one product at a time. Remember, if you are using a light Hydration wait and change out the Cleanser first, because its easier for your skin to adjust and some warmer weather will pop up going into Autumn.  By changing your Moisture first you can cause more clogging and unneeded skin stress.

The Final Layer of Moisture is all about adding back the lost nutrients from the days stress and after deep gentle cleansing. Each of Raw Skin Care Organic Moisture Serums has been formulated to powerfully balance, heal, penetrate nutrients and treat your skin to exactly what it needs.

  • I know this is a lot of information, plus skincare knowledge is complex.
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