Vital Restorative, a discussion about restoring skin perfection

Restoring is bringing back and once you have achieved that , then and only then can you maintain it.

The best way to keep skin looking good with minimal skin reactions is through consistency. We all know the ABC's of skin routines, but it's understanding with patience how often, what to use and what are the visible flags of fate.

We know that purification with cleansing is vital and that all cleansers should have some soap ingredients. Soap kills 98% of germs on the surface and purifies after flushing the pores. Does it matter what kind of cleanser you use. Yes. the most simplistic formulas for skin types are the best. We formulate simplicity into all our products because the skin can only tolerate and use a few things at a time.

We know that toning serves the purpose of hydrating and refreshing to enable the skin to accept topical serums. But the skin needs to calm down after cleansing...some call it "bringing it back to the proper PH". The skin does this naturally in 10-20 mins. Our Toners have the same purpose without adding harsh ingredients and fragrance, but since they are distilled plants they bring additional benefits unlike traditional toners.

We know moisture is a critical factor, and moisturizer can do many things depending on the formula. Traditional cremes are compounded with water and oil with ingredients for viscosity. These ingredients are called Occlusives which block the evaporation of water. Petrolatum under many names, is a primary ingredient in many. Common occlusives are cetyl alcohol, lanolin, lecithin, mineral oil, paraffin, and stearic acid. Popular silicone that act as occlusives are dimethicone and cyclomethicone. Oil-free moisturizers that are free of all mineral and some vegetable oils contain dimethicone as an occlusive agent and ingredients to make gel. Our moisturizers are serums of mixed plant oils and essential oil. If you use then correctly for your skin type you will forever change because they do not contain occlusives and petroleum by-products plus np color or fragrance.

These practices are the foundation of maintaining clean, bacteria free, moist skin. But the skin needs extra help because it shows what it endures inside and out including our natural hormonal changes, aging, pollution, germs, over indigence in toxins, alcohol, smoking, weather changes and conditions, neglect and poor food, illness and all abusive habits.

This is when it is most important to know your skin and what can restore it back, help it heal, help it to rebuild cellular activity and stay looking healthy and beautiful.

This is where skincare companies develop additional products to aid recovery. Remember the other products are the necessary foundation, these are the active healers.

Let's not forget exfoliation while that is crucial to refinement, or less dead skin to go thru, it can be used at home to aid in a deeper cleansing and boosting circulation while eliminating debris. We love refinement through exfoliation which is part of the foundation.

We were recently featured in Skin Inc.Magazine for out Vital Restorative Serum. Our Vital Collection is a collection of the Roll-on Serums that meet the four needs we all experience at one time or another.

Restoration covers the need of strength and constant purification for Skins that need restorative action including:

  • Skins that need to become resistant to breakouts, milia and pustuals,
  • Skins that need sedative calming with purpose and not a reaction
  • Skins that need strength in order to stay balance
  • Skins that need their oil production to be less without being dried out.

If you identify with any of these needs, then the most import part is to keep your skin in a cleansing, sanitary and purification state with concentration on strength and balance in every product.

Our Vital Restorative Serum is the topical aid with the power to purify the skin and strengthen it for combat, plus keep it balanced. It is made with pure organic lavender tincture making it's properties concentrated and organic virgin glycerine to boost hydration and bring needed humectant quality to the surface.

What a most wonderful feature besides all the benefits and results?  You can apply over and under moisture as long as it organic with out a seal coating ingredients like petroleum and silicone ingredients.

Look at our Vital Serums to fulfill your skins fortifying needs.