Winter Skin Care

Hot Hot Hot to Cold Colder and Too Cold.

This is the Season of protect, hydrate, comfort and restore.

Even though the Sun is brighter, the winds whisk in clouds of bitter air, snow and freezing rain and our skin needs 3 essential acts and care more then ever to retain beauty and health.

#1 Protect skin needs fuller bodied moisture and a high protective numbered sunscreen.but not just any moisture.. Bump up the moisture to a more emollient base. Skin is most satisfied and feels normal when balance is achieved and emollient moisture is the key to protecting a loss of fragile skin hydro (skin's own waters) and needed skin's own natural oil. If your using a light oil like Purity or Complete Balance change your summer oil Serum to a more fuller bodied Serum. Combination skins can reach for Purely Bare which is a beautiful combination of Jojoba, Chamomile and Glycerine. Dry skins can add or replace Perfect Comfort for Face C or boost in specifics areas with Face C or Post Perfection.  

#2 Hydrate feed your skin with first eliminating debris and using a gentle scrub to open the skin to excepting maximum hydration. Add one of our  smoothers to your facial wash and massage to remove debris and dead skin which blocks product penetration. Then spray your skin with one of our Toners which are non-alcohol hydrosol mists that smooth, heal and add hydro-moisture prior to your moisture serum.  You can mist after coming in from the outside and get immediate relief also. They are amazing and each one is very powerful.

#3 Comfort every skin responds to soothing comfort. Your skin will tell you when it's past its comfort zone and often its a struggle to get it back to peace once its aggravated. That why am and pm care is essential. How do you maintain a comfortable skin to ward off freezing burns, chapped areas and irritation?

You maintain your skin 2 times a day by switching out or adding deep protection to summer light products to kinder winter skin care. Beautiful Eyes and Lips, Post Perfection for the bitter cold and Face C for added vitamin rich resilience is a great start. You can swap out pieces of your routine. Example: Cleansers would be Purely Bare and Emerald Organic. Both are Glycerine boosted for comfort and sensitivity. Golden Nourishment is the normal to dry skin power booster. Our Toners each are specific to hydro boosts: Perfect Comfort for Deeper Hydration and Moisture and Emerald Organic Toner for Strength and circulation.

#4 Restore can be attained with monthly facials. But at home by adding a boost with one of our Vitals Roll-ons. Each Vital targets the skin's needs and the best restore is a specific botanical strength.Em-enrichment bring back balance from natural loss and over refinement, Resilience aid in rebuilding fragile sensitivity and kills bacteria,  Restorative purifies and natural replacement of cellular needs and Replenish says it all. It replenishes lost building blocks for a healthier skin.

 Vital Essentials

Vital Essentails


Its easier then you think to maintain beauty during the coldest of Seasons and this supplements your beauty in the future.