Clear Nourishment Smoother

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Clear Nourishment Organic .45oz. Smoother is formulated for the most *Aroma and *Fragrance Sensitive Skins.

Clear Nourishment Organic .45oz. Smoother is perfect for daily, weekly or when desired gentle exfoliation and cellular stimulation without the Irritation from synthetic and sharp materials that can irritate. You can also whip it into a mask texture that you can leave on for 2-5 minutes after scrubbing and warmly rinse off.

Experience: Everyday a Smoother texture, more balanced color and a healthy glow. Skin will feel soft and purified. Applying serums, SPFs and makeup finishes are a dream come true. It’s plant and clay Ayurveda influenced grain base will help tone and firm the skin and as a mask gives skin an added anti-aging effect.

How to Use: After a refreshing organic cleansing with Clear Nourishment Cleanser, keep hands moist with more cleanser or warm water and shake on Clear Nourishment Organic Smoother. Add a little more moisture if needed and mix into a creamy texture between hands. You can even spray face with Toner again for added moisture and massage Smoother over clean skin for 1-3 minutes using gentle circular motions. Rinse with warm water or remove with a warm moist towel and then pat dry. Finish with a full mist of any of our Organic Aromatherapy Distillate Toners We do recommend Purely Bare Chamomile if you are not sensitive to a non alcohol toner and aromatherapy for its anti-inflammation properties. Ending with a moisture application of Clear Nourishment Organic Serum.

Full ingredients: Organic fine Oat, Coconut and Rice Powders and Natural Bentonite 

We experience the need for gentle Smoothing of the skin everyday through touch which improves strength and health. 

Our Smoothers do not include any synthetic materials, fillers, preservatives, fragrances, color or toxic ingredients of any kind.

*We use the term Aroma for all organic and natural floral and herbal botanicals, so you know there is not a speck of even the most pure botanicals in this product. Fragrance on the other hand is chemically synthetic and can cause a lot sensitivities and are not necessary in our personal care.