Perfect Comfort Gentle Smoother

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Perfect Comfort Organic .45oz. Smoother is the most comforting scrub for dry to sensitive skins. It’s especially made for tender, dry and flaky skins that might even have a little shine but are so fragile to cold environments and seasonal changes. It’s organic plant herbs of Palma Rose for anti-aging and healing and Lavender to clean and strengthen add to the rejuvenation of dryness into a more active protective skin. 

Perfect Comfort Organic .45oz. Smoother is different than any other scrub. Most scrubs are not suitable for dry skin types on a daily basis or just too messy to use. This is a smoother that lifts off dead skin while soothing tender skin. You can even simply add some to your Perfect Comfort Organic Cleanser to find another quick way to smooth and cleanse skin all in one step!


A gentle added texture to your regime that can be blended with the Organic Toner with even a pump of organic serum. Its creamy texture will feel amazing and can be left on after a gentle massage for 2-5 minutes to mask skin. Skin will tone up and congestion will be stimulated to release leaving the skin cleaner and healthier in activity.  For the first time all dry to very dry skins can use a smother/scrub without irritation for a more youthful glow and texture.

How to Use:

After a refreshing organic cleansing, keep hands moist with more cleanser or warm water and shake on Perfect Comfort Organic Smoother. Add a little more moisture if needed and mix into a creamy texture between hands. You can even spray face with Toner again for added moisture and massage Smoother over clean skin for 1-3 minutes using gentle circular motions. Rinse with warm water or remove with a warm moist towel and then pat dry. Finish with a full mist of Perfect Comfort Organic Toner and a moisture application of Perfect Comfort Organic Serum.

Full ingredients:

Organic Brown Rice Powder, Natural Bentonite Clay, Organic Palma Rosa and Org. Lavender Powder.

We experience the need for gentle Smoothing of the skin everyday through touch which improves strength and health. 

Our Smoothers do not include any synthetic materials, fillers, preservatives, fragrances, color or toxic ingredients of any kind.