Complete Balance Abtiseptic Toner for Combination Skin

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Complete Balance Organic 2oz.Toner of Lavender relaxes and balances the skin’s Ph. Ideal for oily and combination skin for purifying and cooling minor burns, rashes, and hot spots.  It is mentally refreshing and marvelous on the emotions, excellent aid for skin stress, blemish control, anti-aging sensitivity and irritations. A natural, after microdermabrasion and laser treatments to cool and replenish lost moisture

Complete Balance Organic 2oz.Toner of Lavender is perfect for combination skin with a shiny T-zone and active oiliness and flaky areas feeling dry with occasional breakouts.

Experience: Instant cooling hydration, balanced pH to help excess oiliness, while minimizing dryness and leaves skin feeling calm, comfortable, and ready for Organic Serum for moisture and is the perfect match to the Complete Balance Collection

How to Tone the Skin: Spritz  on skin after cleansing. Next continue by applying Complete Balance Organic Serum for moisture and protection. Then finish with one of our Eye and Lip Treatment Product. It also can be spritzed over makeup during the day to freshen the skin and revive make up (an artist’s trick especially under hot lights with a fresh brush of powder). 

Full Ingredient:

100% Organic Lavender (Organic Lavender Distillate Hydrosol)

We believe toners should be healing and have a greater purpose.

This Toner is Alcohol-free, chemical-free, fragrance free, color free and will not dry out delicate skin.