Amrit Organic Botainical Oils

Amrit Organic Botainical Oils

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Amrit Unscented Organic Botanical Oil Collection is extraordinary, because we have chosen our oils to be specific to skin conditions. These conditions include all the nutrients and healing and supportive properties the skin need to repair and control chronic issues.

Amrit Unscented Organic Botanical Oil is a Collection of Seven.

Collection Includes: Sun Flower, Safflower, Extra Virgin Olive, Avocado, Sesame, Jojoba and our Signature Organic Blend. They are perfect with out an aromatherapy essential oil added and If you love to blend they are perfect to blend with.

Using Tips:

1. For Blending EO: Total drops of aromatherapy oils we suggest a total of 24 for a 4oz, Bottle and 1 for a 2 oz.Bottle

2. To create Comfort: Add Several drops to a harsh cleanser or serum to create comfort

3. Bathing: Apply to your entire body before getting into a warm to hot bath. Then your oil treatment will penetrate instead of floating on top of the water, then soap up!

4. After Bath: Apply where needed after your bath and sleep well

5. Shower Treatment: The same as for bathing, except avoid the feet, so you do not fall in the shower. NOTE* this is excellent for Eczema and Dry Skin conditions and wonderful for acne if blended to address acne issues.

6. Blending Unscented Oils: yes get the benefits you need by getting the 2,3 or 4, your choice and put drops from the most to the least but supported in a small bowl or in the palm of your hand.and apply as needed .

Choosing Tips:

  1. Amrit Organic Signature Oil- our blend for complete wellness. Strengthening and conditioning from Sun Flower, Anti-oxidants and protecting against keratosis pilaris from Extra Virgin Olive oil
  2.  Amrit Organic Safflower Oil: high omega 9, high in antioxidants, is a great moisturizer and -omega 6, is a great anti-inflammatory agent, to restore skin calmness and protection
  3.  Amrit Organic Sunflower Oil: high in vitamin E then to supplement skin's nutrition and omega 9 high and 6, promoting anti-dryness and repair to sensitive skin tissue
  4. Amrit Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: rich superior anti-oxidants and hydroxytyrasols  prevents oxidation of keratin, the protein essential to healthy supple skin, lustrous hair and strong nails
  5. Amrit Organic Sesame Oil: the very best natural conditioner for skin; high in  anti-inflammatory properties,  know for its detoxifying properties and leaves skin feeling comfortable, youthful, soft and resilient
  6. Amrit Organic Golden Virgin Jojoba Oil: the closest oil to human sebum; its properties balance skin’s oil production, softens, soothes irritations and reduces fine lines. Rich in vitamin E, C and B complex its nutritional values strengthen skins defenses
  7. Amrit Organic Virgin Goddess Avocado Oil: high in vitamins A and E, it refortifies and is rich in squalene (a natural plant steroids), it strengthens and purifies skin to health

Each Collection's organic oil comes in a 2oz. or 4oz. bottle with a dropper for no cross contamination. They are all USDA Certified Organic Cold Pressed Oils and no fractured processing  or preservatives and contaminants. Beauty is what beauty uses.

   This Collection by Amrit Organic is found and used for Body Massage and Treatments in the Finest Resort and Hotel, Clinics, and Private Spas  in North America including Canada and The Caribbean for Celebrating 15 years. If your interested in a spa by you, email us at We are a division of the Red Cherry Group and Red Cherry Certified Organic Lab Inc.