Beautiful Lips and Eyes DUO!

Beautiful Lips and Eyes DUO!

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Beautiful Lips Roll-on.

Soft beautiful lips, conditioned with Anti-aging Organic Virgin Argon Oil active to fight the effect of winkles, Organic Virgin Golden Jojoba to soothe and strengthen tender skin and organic lavender for its purifying and healing conditioning.

Excellent for young Lips to mature Lips, to use over facial irritations as well and after waxing. Its a must have all year round.

Beautiful Eyes Roll-on

Made to Soothe and Condition the most tender skin around the eyes with Organic Virgin Argon Oil for it's anti-aging anti-wrinkle protection and strengthening and well known by Egyptian Beauties over the centuries and Organic Virgin Golden Jojoba to soothe and strengthen and Organic Chamomile Blu. one of the finest calming, immediate anti-inflammation and conditioning properties.

They are the Perfect Duo in simple glass roll-ons to keep their formulas fresh from first use to the last. Completely Recyclable and Extraordinarily the most wonder Lips and Eyes Serum you will ever experience.

Do You have very dry eyes then add to your regime Eye C.. Eye C is amazing for it's deep emollient conditioning and it's ability to repair the skin and lighten it also.

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