Emerald Organic AHA Serum

Emerald Organic AHA Serum

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Emerald Organic AHA Serum is our wonderful easy to apply AHA Serum (alpha-hydroxy) to help dissolve dead skin and debris for a smooth flawless texture while stimulating all the skin’s functions to actively improve. Anti-aging at its finest, with simplicity of continual support and activity.

Emerald Organic AHA .45oz. Serum can be used by most skin types unless it’s open, broken or inflamed (we recommend for healing Purely Bare Smoother-used as a healing Organic Mask). Emerald Organic AHA Serum, in its roll-on Vial, can be used to target areas or smooth all over face and neck. It is very efficient and excellent to use between Cosmetic treatments to maintain ageless beauty after all healing is done.


The immediate benefits are a purified smooth surface waiting to be protected with Emerald Organic Serum to infuse nutrients and replace necessary healing. All this from the amazing co-blended botanical plants to balance and strengthening, deeply hydrate and support all anti-aging elements.  All skin types from acne to aging will experience a smoother texture without any fuss and perfect to travel with.

Full Ingredients:

Organic Glycerin (Org Vegetable), Organic Lemon (Citric-Malic), Organic Orange (Ascorbic acid), Organic Sugar Cane (Glycolic & Lactic), Organic Maple (Malic acid), Organic Bilberry (Malic-Citric acid), Organic Cranberry (Citric, Malic, Tartaric, Oxalic Acid), Organic Cucumber-Lime (Hydrolate)


We experience the need for gentle Smoothing of the skin everyday, which improves strength and health. 

Our Smoothers do not include any synthetic materials, fillers, preservatives, fragrances, color or toxic ingredients of any kind.