Kmeria Glisser Organic Derma Plane Oil

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Kmeria Glisser is a specialized formula for the modern lifestyle. Shaving is a standard necessity and it has broadened into home care called Derma Plane.

Kmeria Glisser is designed as a powerful recovery oil that instantly begins the repair phase from the broken protection barrier of the skin with powerful anti-inflammation, antioxidant, and vitamin nutrient properties. Kmeria Glisser is a quick aid in the repair process, with comfort to calm, and the softening of the skin’s mantel, leaving the skin with wrinkle protection and in a healthier stat.

It is the most excellent anti-aging oil alone because it includes vitamin A and E from Organic Apricot Oil which is the only fruit oil to contain properties of both vitamins besides vitamin C.

Kmeria Glisser Organic

Camilla the botanical Japanese oil of youth. This botanical oil is considered the finest natural source of antioxidants, its bio active properties calm inflamed and irritated skin and add protective deep moisture. It is so light its recommended for acne skin types.  

Apricot Org. Oil, because of its natural high level of Vitamin A & E, it instantly smooths and softens skin. It also deeply moisturizes the skin providing strength and vibrancy.

Goji Berry Org. Oil is another natural super antioxidant laden Bio Active Botanical ingredient. It aids against dehydration, chapped and flaky forming post tissue effects. It rejuvenates and supports with cellular protecting fatty acids.

These wonderful Bio Active Botanical Oils are chosen for powerful results and anti-aging support. They are light weight with fragile active molecules, so they penetrate quickly, immediately releasing nutrients and never leaving an oily.