Perfect Comfort Dry Skin Reviving Toner

Perfect Comfort Dry Skin Reviving Toner

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Perfect Comfort Organic 2oz. Toner of Organic Rose Geranium is thirst quenching for dry and sensitive skin that is starving for hydration. It’s incredible hydrating action strengthens the skin from the effect of aging dehydration. The aroma is romantic and soothing to the spirit. This plant’s uses includes being an aphrodisiac with embedded roots dating back to indigenous practices of love and healing.

Perfect Comfort Organic 2oz. Toner is excellent for skin that is dry and produces no shine (except maybe the t-zone), constantly needing moisture and feels dry and tight all the time, including being uncomfortable.


Immediately the skin will feel replenished, supple and comforted. You will love the mind calming effects, the soothing aroma and immediately feel beautiful. Like the aroma of a fresh cut Roses and is the perfect match to the Perfect Comfort Collection

How to Tone the Skin:

Spritz toner on skin after cleansing. Next continue by applying Perfect Comfort Organic Serum for moisture and protection. Then finish with one of our Eye and Lip Treatment Products. It also can be spritzed over makeup during the day to freshen the skin and revive make up (an artist’s trick especially under hot lights with a fresh brush of powder). 

Full Ingredient:

100% Organic Rose Geranium (Organic Rose Geranium Distillate Hydrosol)

We believe toners should be healing and have a greater purpose.

This Toner is Alcohol-free, chemical-free, fragrance free, color free and will not dry out delicate skin.