Purity Nourishment Calendula 2oz. Toner for Breakouts and Purification

Purity Nourishment Calendula 2oz. Toner for Breakouts and Purification

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Purity Nourishment Organic 2oz. Toner of Organic Calendula is super antiseptic, bacteria killing, refreshing, soothing, hydrating and great for acne prone, oily skin and teen and adult acne (if skin is super inflamed opt for Purely Bare Organic Toner of Chamomile for immediate anti-inflammatory action)

Purity Nourishment Organic 2oz. Toner will calm and purify without striping or aggravating skins tender condition and its wanting need to heal. Its proven to be an essential product for Oily, Very Oily, Problematic, Teen and Adult Acne and Combination skin types with blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts, redness, inflammation, clogged pores and constant need for bacteria killing and control.


Great hydration without any creme or oil. Visible anti-bacterial action without harsh tingling or burning and healing while stabilizing oil production. Be confident you are not using a tradition toner made with drying alcohols which can dry and irritate the skin, encourage oil production and potentially lead to more blemishes and irritation and is the perfect match to the Purity Nourishment Collection

How to Tone the Skin:

Spritz toner on skin after cleansing. Next continue by applying Purity Nourishment Organic Serum for moisture and protection. Then finish with one of our Eye and Lip Treatment Products. It also can be spritzed over makeup during the day to freshen the skin and revive make up (an artist’s trick especially under hot lights with a fresh brush of powder). 

Full Ingredient:

100% Organic Calendula (Organic Calendula Distillate Hydrosol)

We believe toners should be healing and have a greater purpose.

This Toner is Alcohol-free, chemical-free, fragrance free, color free and will not dry out delicate skin.