Vital Restorative Purifying and Boosting Health Acne and Combo Skin Oil Free Serum

Vital Restorative Purifying and Boosting Health Acne and Combo Skin Oil Free Serum

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Restorative Organic Vital .33oz. Serum is cleansing and calming. It also best serves skins that just need to be cleaner and maintain a stronger balance and continual calming to control breakouts and oil pproduction

Restorative Organic Vital .33oz. Serum is excellent for skins that are challenged with over oil production and balancing confused skins including acne to oily dry combos.  Restorative Serum’s lavender properties will calm redness, aid in restoring balanced skin tone and oil control. 


Oil control during the warmest and driest seasons with clear calm while falling in love with the ease of application in a roll-on instead of finger digging into a small jar that can transfer bacteria and disrupts the products longevity.

Featured Ingredient:

Lavender the most loved wonder plant of the aromatherapy world because of it is versatile in many topical applications including; inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, wounds and as an antiseptic. Lavendula intermedia ‘super’ is considered one of the best plants of the lavandins, maintaining most of the same properties of the mother plant, true lavender.

 How to use:

Restorative Vital Serum is water soluble and comes in a wonderful roll-on vial and perfect for travel. Simply apply on clean skin before any of our Organic Serums for moisture.

Full Ingredients:

  Lavender Organic (Aqua, Organic Alcohol, Organic Lavandula x intermedia (Lavender) Extract). Vegetable Glycerin Organic and Lavender Hydrosol Organic

 We see the need for organic specialty formulas and the Vitals are little targets, we all need. So, pick your target to more beautiful skin.

Restorative    Replenish    Restorative    En-Richment

These Organic Serums are water soluble and contain no oil, toxins, preservatives, synthetic chemicals, fragrance or color.