Beautiful Skin Always Changes it's Regime of Products for the Season

Why Change our Skin Care when the Seasons Change?

Because we are biologically organic and our environment impacts us mildly to drastically depending on where you live and work.. The degree of impact depends on the humidity, dryness, warmth and cold changes. On top of all this, as winter comes, it shows any aging damage first on our face and hands. Change can be a mild flaking, a slightly tighter skin feeling half way through the day, or congestion and lines seeming more noticeable to nails peeling and braking easier. Change is whispering to you. 

So, how do we combat and maintain our health and beauty during changing weather? Start with the first hint of fall's reminder of colder dryer air and change your make-up remover and even foundation and cleanser. Spring into Summer brings warmth and humidity so lighter moisture balance and deep active purifying and layers of light moisture and sun protection are needed, but Fall into Winter brings us back to wanting comfort, balance and deeper moisture protection.

Along with product change our Diets and Exercise change too. In Summer its all about cooling our systems with ice water, fruit and less fats and in the Winter we need to warm up and keep the blood flowing with warm beverages, heartier vegetables and good fats.   

Going back to Skin Care, the most beautiful women look flawless all year long and their secret is maintenance and change. How do you do this? Its really easy. Start by getting a good look at your skin, how it feels and if it is reactive, including: how much shine during the day. Easy for some and more difficult for other so follow these guide lines of description and our recommended Collections from Raw Skin Care:

  • Acne Types: reach for gentle cleansing and anti-inflammatory toners, serums and comfort protective anti-bacterial moisture. Purely Bare 
  • Combo Congestion and Oily Areas: reach for an enzyme cleanser with botanical neutralizers, a very gentle grain smoother, strengthening and cleansing serums, non alcohol toner, a medium light night serum with light day creme for slightly dry skins. Emerald Organic
  • Dry Slightly Sensitive: reach for Emerald Organic Cleanser for deep yet non irritating cleansing and exfoliation every 2-3 days and Perfect Comfort and add Post Perfection  for a  healing and super balancing creme for an any time and night time.
  • Super Chronic and Sensitive (adult acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and reactive skin from medicine and medical treatment ): reach for anti-inflammation and instant calming properties Purely Bare complete has  wonderful anti-inflammation and instant calming properties
  • Normal Slightly Dry reach for anti-aging power of firming, toning, anti-wrinkle, super balancing and restoring what the skin lacks in protective nourishment. Golden Nourishment. has all  the benefits and stimulates collagen.

Raw Skin Care has choices with a collection of boosters with Super Fruit Serums and Eye Creme with Vitamin C and a Collection of awesome Smoothers, but alas, it can be confusing, so you can call and ask to speak to one of our Esthetic experts at 847 823 1727 the will be able to take all your question and guide you through making the correct choices.


So don't wait change your skincare now and never let you skin suffer  by showing sighs of stress when a simple Cleanser or Toner or Moisture change can make your season a beautiful one.