Part 2 of “ The Best Skin Care to Splurge On” Continues

Continuing my series on the Best Skin Care you should splurge on and that includes over make up and fix it repair products are actually about the Cleanser Companions.

There are two products, the Toner and Texture Refining  Products. They are both vital and have very distinctive differences.

Toners hydrate and refresh. If they are made for your skins condition with the right ingredients they can advance healing, immediately soothe and calm irritations and rashes, purify and help control troubled acne and  breakouts, boost dry skin's comfort with added hydration and refresh or set makeup. That's the makeup artists trick for beautiful make up all day with a dusting of facial powder after. You can read all about our toners in February's Article.  2022 Personal Care Trends, scroll to"Hydrosols"

Refiners and smoothers or better known as facial scrubs are completely different. The Refiner is generally a  liquid AHA or Enzyme Serum that deeply removes dead skin and dying cells prematurely. That is why being careful is essential. You can over refine your skin and thin it down using these types of serums. The results from too much refining is the skin becoming defenseless and hyper-sensitive over time and it's not fun. You will loose defense cell growth as it cells slow down with age and you open your skin faster to aging faster, thus use with guidance and follow directions. Always know your products.

Emeral Refinent and Daily Smoothers

Smoothers on the other hand, have been around for centuries and the best are botanical with clay and grain. These type of facial scrubs are available in dry shakers or in jars with other ingredients to keep them from molding.   Facial Scrubs and Smoothers are gentle, they eliminate debris and smooth the skin's texture. This is essential for the skin's health and beauty. You can use them even daily mixed in the second cleansing and not too much scrubbing. Instead massage with a wet cleanser and refresh with a warm towel. I highly recommend using one between facials 2 times minimum a week, and let the esthetician use the refining chemical peels and serums or the mechanical micro-dermabrasion services.

But choosing to refine stimulates blood flow, and clarifies the skin from daily debris and maintains youth in your skin.