Post Perfection Deep Moisture

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 Post Perfection Healing Moisture Balm 2oz. has become the most versatile balm that replaces all creams for sensitive and dry skin to mild irritations from scrubs and exfoliation.

Post perfection is deeply soothing  to relieve and refresh, while helping to soften skin texture. it's beyond perfect comfort and supplement hydration is wonderful for dry to very dry skin. Dry skin can be sensitive from lack of attention, the right home care and change in weather or environment.

Post Perfection Healing Moisture Balm 2oz. is Highly Recommended for every skin exposed to sports environments, super dryness due to dry climates and skin conditions from age and environmental changes .

With its benefits: Omegas 3, 6, 9, Vitamins and antioxidants, and soothing properties with results that leave the skin refreshed, soft, balanced and less redness.

How to use:

For those who need an treatment night creme for added moisture from the days dehydration use daily as the perfect Night creme. For those with dry and chronic challenged skin (Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis)  use twice a day especially where inflammation and chronic flakiness appears. Apply on clean toned skin like normal by dotting on Cheeks, Forehead and Chin with gentle massage to spread evenly. A small amount is all you need.  

NOTE: look at our collections to help balance your skin to health.
  • Perfect Comfort is for those with dry skin and simply sensitive sometimes  needing an extra night treatment or when the weather demands a little more.
  • Golden Nourishment is for Normal to Dry skins that want Anti-aging and Vitamin and Omega Nutrients. This skin doesn't get sensitive but can get a little flaky with weather changes.
  • Purely Bare is for super sensitive with high inflammation. A must for Adult Acne and Chronic sensitivity and Post Perfect aids in calming the skin and reducing redness when needed. 
  • Emerald Organic AHA is great for anti-aging and Post Perfect or Face C are the perfect night balms to heal after exfoliation at night.

Full Ingredients:

Org. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Org. Palm Fruit Oil (Stearin C52), Org. Lavender (Lavendula)

We love the principals of super organic power for healing and maintaining growing beauty with no toxins, petroleum and synthetic stuff we can not pronounce.