Summer Cleansing Facts!

Hello Summer and Good bye Cold Winter. Yes, Summer floods in sunshine, vitamin D and Light Damage. First defense is a strong healthy skin base and top it off with a Safe Sunscreen and there are many on the market.

Lets talk about a strong healthy skin base.. 

This is the part that confuses the average person, but actually is makes perfect sense. Your skin hates change even if it eventually for the better. This is due to our body's internal temperature regulatory system. Yes your skin is very sensitive to change. Think about when you take a warm winter holiday and suddenly after 24 hrs you feel out of sorts. Well it's not just the jet lag it's the change in temperature.

You skin happens to show all it's changes. That is why it's important to listen to your skin and change cleansers and then maybe a serum and moisturizer as the summer weather arrives. If we look at this summer season coming with all its hot glory, you need to change your winter (cleanser for drier times) moisture cleanser for a water soluble deep purifying cleanser in the PM. This will help remove make up and debris that is now mixing with more oil on your skin. Then as it gets warmer and even more damp and humid change serums from an AHA and Retinal serum during the day to a light water soluble hydrating serum and the same for a moisturizer. It's really simple and if your loyal to your skin care daily it will last the season just before the next season enters the calendar.

Lets talk about nutrient strong healthy skin base..

BIG,big factor for cleansing your skin is using the correct skincare type for your skin condition. Natural and organic ingredients are active potions, especially with the correct aromatherapy waters not oil!. Aromatherapy Distillates love to blend with friendly organic ingredients that make up soap and do they become magical. How do you know what your skin type is?

Its very confusing, but if you go to a spa or a skincare specialist and she does a through job to analysis your skin its better then guessing. Once you know you can narrow down what types of products to use.

Here are some suggestions in Cleansers

  • Skins that Wake up slightly oily and break out occasionally need a gentle  oily free cleanser that purifies, targets balance and strengthens. Most often acne products are chosen to dry out the skin, but in reality this skin is actively fussy and needs a basic deep cleansing cleanser that simply balances along with a gentle exfoliant scrub, like our grain smoothers. Seriously, this skin loves deep cleansing scrubs and clay masks.

There are skins that fall in between, in that case go with the factor that needs more balance. because every skin is slightly different, but once you discover its needs you are already to choose transition skin care going into summer.

Give your skin a chance to balance with all new products, do freak about a red bump or two, most often your skin is detoxing and as long as you do not have a rash, your on the right path.

Let talk Cleanser strengthening:

Yes, some cleansers can tear down your protective mantle that holds protective nutrients at the surface of the skin. Remember your facial skin faces all the earthly element changes. Check out Best Skin Care Products to Splurge On article. A cleanser can also not cleanse deep enough for your skin type or need a simple plant scrub to aid the debris removal especially with makeup. seems like a fine line, but no it's all based on your skin type.

Let's debunk which skincare practices are erroneous:

  1. Cleansing with just water only. Not even in ancient history did cultures not use a soap or a plant cleansing material. Why? Because soap kills foreign bacteria not your own and removes the debris of oil and sebum buildup. Now you will find all kinds of support on the internet for just using water, but try and test it out. Your skin will change from the water we used today laced with harsh chemicals, and it will dry out and look unhealthy.
  2. You never use a toner. Of course because most contain alcohol for astringent qualities, plus stabilizing chemical ingredients even some naturals do too!. They bite and feel drying. You need to try a rewarding toner to calm the skin, layer more hydration and prep the skin.   
  3. Don't cleanse face in the morning. Well, I hate to shock you but your body during sleep goes to work and as for the SKIN'S work schedule it's purges out sebum, dead skin cells and toxins. This is why you could wake up with a breakout or dryness or even redness especially if you didn't cleanse the night before and went to bed with makeup. 

Lastly, I hope your summer is wonderful and beautiful. If you need help email us at I can certainly connect with you and help you out.